Sunday, 28 March 2010

This weeks photo - 37+1!

Well here we are, nearing the very end! Lots happened this week (in the way of nesting and getting sorted/ready!) and I feel ready to pop! I feel good though still! But bump has clearly dropped. I have one funky shaped bump - in fact, at this point, I think it is kinda ugly! lol

The henna didn't come out too dark as you can see (oh well) - its like a fight between my stretchmarks and henna and I think the stretchmarks are winning! hehe

But here it is - this weeks photo!

What happened this week:

Baby gains weight most rapidly during this month: about ½-¾lb per week. Baby settles into the pelvis, a process called lightening or engagement, which makes breathing easier. Baby's new position doesn't stop it from kicking and punching. 35 weeks' gestation 37 weeks from your LMP. Baby's length: 33cm crown to rump (about 45cm or 17 ½ inches head to toe). Weight: 2700g.

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