Saturday, 27 March 2010

My Blessingway!

Today I had a Blessingway! It was really quite a great little get-together with special friends that was really meaningful and special to me (a HUGE thanks to all those who attended and helped make this work and the day special for me!)!

At my Blessingway we made a 'Birthing Wreath' (the 'norm' is to make a Birthing Necklace but I just don't think I would fancy wearing a necklace whilst in labour so I got the idea to do a similar thing, but to use a wreath instead that I could hang on the wall whilst in labour!) and poems, songs and well wishes were shared. I found this very touching and special.

A close friend of mine also did a henna tattoo on my bump! This has turned out great and it was a lot of fun!

And of course - we ate great food too!

Today has offered me lots of positive encouragment and thoughts that I will be able to bring with me when I start my journey of labour and childbirth!

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