Thursday, 29 October 2009

Teeccino! - Coffee Alternative

I got my Teeccino order in yesterday and could not wait to try it! It is a herbal 'coffee'. It is naturally caffeine free and not coffee at all - instead made up of a variety of fruits and herbs. And yes - it does actually taste like coffee! The first few sips don't, you can taste the fruity-ness in it all ...but the avertaste is very much coffee taste so after the first few sips, you could not tell the difference with the rest!
I got 'Original' flavour, but now that I know I like it I will venture out and get their variety of other flavours!

Deffinately would recommend it - especially during pregnancy! (and for some reason, thats the only time I crave coffee - it is not something I normally drink at all! hehe)

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Another great MW appointment! :D

Had my second MW appointment this morning. It went well! She did joke my 'birth plan' was a bit of a novel but was impressed by how organised it was (no - seriously hehe). She also seemed to think nothing of the fact that I planned to eat my placenta and told me about this course they did on 'Lotus Birth'. Lotus birth is in my birth plan, but only in emergency situations. She did wonder if I planned to do both but I don't think its a good idea to consume a piece of meat thats been sitting out for a week or more. I feel consuming the placenta will be most benefitial if all things go peacfully to plan but that a LB will be best for my baby if any emergencies arise.
She had a feel of my uterus as well and all is measuring just fine! She also showed me how to feel for it too. :)
My next appointment is scheduled a few weeks into December.
I am looking forward to that!

Monday, 26 October 2009


From my 'pills' that is. Burdock root will be the first to go then I will gentle wean myself from the Agnus Castus (Vitex). Its a five week course for both. I feel gentle weaning is the probably the best way to go about it. I no longer need either.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

This weeks photo - 15+1!

Getting right in there and I think I might be slightly bigger this month.
Still not sure if I can feel baby move yet but sometimes I think I can - it feels more like 'rolling' than kicks though, if that is baby I am feeling. It is nothing deffinate yet though - so will just have to wait and see. My next MW appointment is this Wed - looking forward to that :D

Here is this weeks photo!

What happened this week:
13 weeks' gestation 15 weeks from your LMP. Foetus length: 10cm crown to rump (12.5cm head to toe); weight: 80g (1½ ounces).
Well that doesn't say much does it! Looks like nothing too exciting next week either. I guess baby is mostly just doing growing now as everything is in in place! Grow baby grow! :D

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Kidney Yang deficiency

I saw my accupuncturist for the end of my first trimester last Friday. I will not be seeing her again until I am halfway through this pregnancy at the begining of December! There is no special reason for this. I would see her more if I could afford it (or wanted to afford it really) but I also want to see her throughout this whole pregnancy so I have picked out a few key point dates such as the 20 week mark and end of trimester. At my last appointment we discussed my 'kidney yang' deficiency. She said that there were foods that could help balance me out between accupuncture appointments. A small list of foods can be found here - though I am sure I could google more as my accupuncturist had a huge list. Unfortunatly, a large part of that list is meat and I am a vegetarian! I have however noticed that jasmine tea is on that list so will be getting some this weekend as that sounds really nice and drinking hot drinks this time of year helps to keep me warm (as these things do hehe!)
In short, I have learned that accupuncture is part of a bigger whole. A way of life. The theory is, if your body is in balance, then everything can work as it should and as efficiently as it should - and if it is not, then it will not. Accupuncture can help balance your body, as what you eat and how you live can as well. - Makes sense to me! :)

Sunday, 18 October 2009

This weeks photo - 14+1!

Into the second trimester at 14+1 this week - and here is this weeks photo!

What happened this week:
Vocal chords develop. 12 weeks' gestation 14 weeks from your LMP. Foetus length: 8.7cm crown to rump (11cm or 4½ inches head to toe). Weight: 45g.
Well - not much! Perhaps thats why I was less tired this week.... But that baby is bigger than I thought it was! Amazing!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Out of the first ....into the second!

So I am now 14 weeks pregnant and entering my second trimester! Yay!!!

I have also only gained 7lbs! Thats good going I think.

So happy to be here!...Just can not wait for this pregnancy to become more real for me! I really can not wait until I can fill this little bean of mine moving about! I certainly look pregnant but it still feels all a bit surreal to me!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Coffee Alternatives

In pregnancy, it seems then and only then do I crave coffee and tea (though mostly coffee). I have no idea why this is as these are not drinks that I drink any other time in my life (or really have any desire to)! But as tea and coffee generally are caffinated, they are not something I wish to consume during pregnancy (or really any other time in my life either). I also do not fancy the 'decaffinated' stuff and would prefer to go for a natural alternative instead.

So I discovered 'Dandelion Coffee'. It arrived the other day and I have to tastes nothing like coffee! So in that respect I am a bit disapointed. However, it does taste like tea! And as a drink in general - it tastes great! Plus, it is 100% dandelion and 100% natural, so as a drink itself for the properties of dandelions - it is also great! Dandelions are great for digestion and, later in pregnancy, great for helping with water retention. If this pregnancy resembles anything that it did when I was pregnant with my son, then anything to help with water retention will be greatly appreciated! hehe

Next - I shall try Teeccino. Which apparently does taste like coffee! (I hope so!)

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Books for Children - Cont.

The last book I got my son (and his second favourite book of all) is called 'Hello Baby' by Jenni Overend and Julie Vivas.

This book is absolutly lovely. In fact, I have a hard time not tearing up whilst reading it to him! hehe It is another home birth book about a little boy (one of already three other children) who gets another baby brother.

The pictures are beautiful and done in a very soft way and there are some photos that portray birthing in a more realistic light without being offensive or 'scary' at all about the process. I think it is good that they include them though, so that the child knows that this is what happens when a baby is born - where the baby comes out and how, etc. It also talks about preparing for the baby, how mummy is having pains in her tummy which means the baby is ready to be born and how 'mum' goes for a walk to help the baby come along and people that might arrive at the house to help bring the baby into the world (such as the midwife) when mum goes into labour. It also talks about how 'mummy' leans on dad every now and then and how sometimes she yells and screams to help the baby come along and for her to feel better during that process - how these things are normal and nothing to worry about. They are expressed in a funny light as well - the boy telling the story thinks the whole world will know he is getting a baby brother or sister that night because of how loud his mummy is yelling! hehe The whole book just puts the whole 'birthing' process in a peacful and 'normal part of life' kind of light with a family who is obviously very close and all members very much loved. The last page shows the whole family sleeping together by the fire.

Books for Children - Cont.

The second book I got my son (and actually his least favourite) is 'Our Water Baby' by Amy Maclean and Jan Nesbitt.

This is probably his least favourite because of the pictures. I am not too fussed about the pictures either to be honest.
However, it is, so far, the only home 'water birth' book I have found and it does cover a few things I might not have thought of that a child might worry about if you are planning a water birth. Such as how the baby will not have to 'swim' in the water and that the baby 'holds its breath' until it is lifted up out of the water. My son loves going to the pool, but he certainly does not 'swim' yet and hates having water on his face - so he might be worried about the baby being born in the water. This books covers home water births wonderfully I think. But the pictures are a bit messy in a childish way (so not sure how much a child would take in ...'yes mum I see the lady in the pool with the baby but look at all these fun colourful drawings of puppies and frogs around the page!' - despite they do cover the normal noises mummy might make and how she will feel better making them and feel even more better when the baby is born, especially in the soothing birthing pool).

The pictures are also not very graphic (some people might like this?). Which I actually think is not always the best of things. But I guess a child might not see much if you are in the water anyhow. However, I think because your child might see something, it is good for them to see such pictures so they are reassured that it is completely normal and what its supposed to look like (which is why I like the next book I am about to post about!)! hehe

Books for Children - about pregnancy and birth!

I got myself three books about pregnancy and child birth (specifically homebirth). I think I might have to post about these books individually. I will start with my sons favourite of the lot which is just about pregnancy and the growing baby!

It is a pretty large book but it has to be...

The book has nine pages (it goes over every month of growth and devlopment!). On the left side is about the growth of the baby. This includes fun facts, such as how big the baby currently is (like as big as an orange, melon, pineapple, etc - which can make it fun to go out and buy so your child can get a feel for how big the baby inside your tummy - though they do go over that the baby is inside the 'womb' - actually is!) and things like how many times the baby pees and when it can blink, etc...

Followed by the right side of the page which is a picture of a tummy with the growing baby, how it looks and its actual size at that stage in pregnancy. You can hold it up to your own growing tummy as you read the page aplicable.

The last page - at 9 months gestation- is fold out.

My son loves this book because it is so involving and because of all the fun facts. He likes me to read it to him again and again because he finds these things so interesting. It is his favourite book of the three. The other two are really lovely and nice and cover some important things about the birth (which I feel is important as he is going to be in the house at the time) - but they are not as fun and invovling - they are just nice stories. I still recommend them of course!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Still looking good! :D

When I went for my MW appointment a few weeks ago, they were short on booking forms. The MW had to write everything down into a little notebook and informed me that she would be able to get a booking form in by the next week at the earliest and would leave it for me at the reception desk of our medical centre. So today my DS and I walked down to see if it was there and if it was, to pick it up. ...and it was! So I now have my 'Maternity Servies, Pregnancy and Birth Notes' booking form. I have had time to sit down and go through it and I am very happy about what I see! All the 'homebirth' boxes are ticked. So its clear I am having one. (having - not 'planning' ...lets be positive ladies!) And under the 'Antenatal Summary - Comments and investigations' it says: Booked at Surgery. Bloods and screening discussed, declined ALL bloods and scans. Also declined consulation referral for prev LSCS, consent obtained for Risk Assesment with Supervisor at Stroud Maternity. Signed and Dated.
So - at least I get to escape the scare of death and hospital antics around the natural process of pregnancy and labour and giving birth! Despite pessimism in some people I know - looks like 'they' are still on 'my side'.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Weekly photo - 13+1!

One week to go and then I will be moving onto the second trimester! Woohoo!...
Here is my weekly photo (can't tell much difference, if any at all, from this week and last though tbh...):

What happened this week:

Coils of baby's intestine are visible. Foetus is swallowing and absorbing fluids. Early fingernails are developing. You may be able to feel your uterus just at or above the pubic bone.
11 weeks' gestation 13 weeks from your LMP. Foetus Length: 7cm crown to rump (9cm from head to toe). Weight: about 30g or 1oz. Intestines are now contained within the abdomen.

Saturday, 10 October 2009


Last night I had my first baby dream! It might have been triggered by a close friend of mine giving birth to her baby girl this Thursday. But up until now I have not had a single baby dream! ...and strangely enough, DH has already had two dreams about this baby!
As soon as I knew I was pregnant with DS, I was having dreams about him. Well, it wasn't him - but I was having baby dreams. In my dream with him, it was always a little girl with long straight black hair, blue eyes, and freckles in a blue dress. Besides the blue eyes, that is not even a possible child for us! hehe
Last night I also dreamt I had a little girl. My dream took place in a maternity unit (and not at home). I got to pick my room. I was in mild labour when I arrived but shortly after my waters broke naturally, the baby came down quick and was out pretty quick too. I got to see her crowing and picked her up when the rest of her came out straight to my chest. She was so dark blue at first but soon pinked up. I had no idea it was a girl at this point. The MW cut the cord right away (which is something I would also not be happy with IRL), but when she did that I had a look and it was a girl! Her face looked just like my DS's when he was born as well - spitting image though her head was more elongated rather than round! I felt all fumbly trying to feed her as well. But I was happy.
And that was my first dream about this baby! Which probably means it will be a boy! hehe

Thursday, 8 October 2009


My new 100% natural iron supplement of choice. It is cheaper than Floradix - and personally, I enjoy drinking it much more. I also do not have to worry about keep it in the fridge and/or it going 'off'.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Feeling flutters...

Or just gas? hehe
My rule of thumb seems to be that if it is indeed gas, it will usually make an exit shortly after I have felt it. And if not...then possible early baby movements?!
No way to know for sure, but there have been a handful of times so far in the past few weeks it could have been baby I was feeling!
I can not wait until its a deffinate thing. What a wonderful feeling to feel!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Carrying 'high' or 'low'...

Apparently I am carrying 'low'. Looking back at pregnancy photos when I was pregnant with my DS, I was carrying low as well.
The wives tale is - Carrying low= boy / Carry high = girl.
Of course this isn't always true. I think how one 'carries' is more down to the womans body than anything else!
And it doesn't make much a difference either way...that is to the health of the mother and/or baby. It's just one of those things fun to think about! hehe

Sunday, 4 October 2009

First Outfit

I am far too organised. First, my element is wood, second I am a Virgo and also...I suffer from a bit of O.C.D (though honestly, its only my DH who suffers from this...He can not stand my constant cleaning and organising!).
Well...Argos are having a weekend sale. They often have sales, but what they have on sale is so random. The planned wardrobe that we were going to buy for my DH and this baby to share (as we are limited to space) is one of those things currently on sale! So we bought it! Which also meant I was able to put the babies first lot of clothes in its drawers! I also have the first outfit picked out too! It is nothing fancy and very plain but I can already feel a little bundle of warmth in these clothes (big on ebay, so I tend to get a lot of stuff for bargains hehe). I can not wait to snuggle my baby in them!

This weeks photo - 12+1!

My weekly photo as always. Deff starting to expand here! hehe

And a clothed one as well for comparison. For some reason I look like I have more of a 'bump' with clothes on. I guess thats because clothes put my body and figure into perspective? Eh - its all lovely though! hehe

What happened this week:
If it's a girl, the clitoris and labia majora have now formed. 10 weeks' gestation 12 weeks from your LMP. Length of foetus: 6.1cm (almost 2½ inches). Weight: about 14g. If your baby is a boy, his penis and scrotum have formed.

Wonder if I have a little boy or girl in there!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

12 WEEKS!!!

OMG - I am 12 WEEKS pregnant already!!! So so happy to still be here!!!

I am feeling great as well. I now have a noticable bump. Apparently people have been talking about me...they are all very suspicious! hehe I guess I can start randomly spreading the news around the world. Most all my close friends and family know, but not anyone else yet. I will also need to let my employers know, but that will not be an issue. The church (where I clean) already knows and my weekend job knows we were going to try for a baby (and I have permission to take baby to work with me when I return - it is a domestic care job for the elderly so stuff I do at home anyhow) and my other job is a nanny, one more child will not make a difference! hehe

I am also bumping into things now! My tummy has deffinately expanded past my 'normal' point! I also got my first tummy rub from a close friend yesterday. I do not mind at all. I find it such a wonderful and intimate thing to share and it was just lovely. I felt so loved and I felt that this little baby inside of me is well loved already too!
And its October! - It is really already Autumn. This is my favourite time of year. I just love everything about it. I love wrapping up that much warmer, but not uncomfortably 'frumpy' just yet. I love the smell of autumn, the feel of the sun in the sky, the breeze, the trees, (and Halloween of course!)...everything!!!
Another few weeks and I will be out of my first trimester! :D