Tuesday, 29 September 2009

200 Days to go!

I am 11 weeks and 3 days today - Only 200 days to go! hehe

Monday, 28 September 2009

No more M/S! (at least for now)

I suddenly realised that I am no longer feeling queazy during the day! I am also not as picky with my food, but do have cravings that I just have to go with.
My boobs on the other hand are still tender. I was going to post about this a few days ago. They are not as tender as they were the first 9 weeks. But then suddenly the past few days they became even more tender, and itchy! They are not itchy today but still pretty tender. They tend to be even more tender in the evening and through the night which makes sleeping a bit uncomfortable.
And speaking of sleeping - bliss! Now that I have a pillow between my legs that is! I thought of doing this last night and I was able to go the whole night without sore hips! My left hip has been bothering me in the night. I think I must have slept on it wrong and have just not been able to shake it. But the pillow seems to be helping a lot!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

This weeks photo - 11+1!

Not long now until I am out of my first trimester (and I believe this to be more accurately 14 weeks rather than the typical thought 12 weeks LMP). Here is this weeks photo. And I didn't think you would be able to tell any difference, but I think I can see a small one!!! My little spud has changed shape on my ticker too. And I don't know why, but thats its new nickname - 'spud'. I also seem to be craving fresh things (like fresh fruit and veg) and sour things (like lemon sorbet) this week! Who knows what that means.

What happened this week:

Tiny phallus forms which could be penis or clitoris; perineum has formed. Baby is no longer an embryo; the foetal period begins. Genitalia show male characteristics now if it's a boy. The foetus is about 5cm (almost 2 inches) long and weighs about 8g. Your baby's iris is forming: his/her eyelids will temporarily fuse shut.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Saw the MW today - Best appointment EVER! :D

I met my MW for the first time today (and her student!) - Both of them were really lovely! I can only remember the MW's name - Sally (but maybe thats because I knew it before hand! hehe...I am so rubbish at remembering names!).
It was what they call the 'booking appointmet' which means they just cover all the basics (and they include some things I have refused, such as blood tests - though they would be happy if I had my iron checked very near to my due date and I am happy to provide this as well - and scheduling any scans). It happens to be the longest appointment I will get though because of this. They cover medical history, all of that kind of stuff. They also talk about any previous children, their pregnancies and births and wishes for this pregnancy and birth. They were very supportive of my wishes for this pregnancy and birth.... In fact, so much so I am still in shock about it!!!
First, they did not bat an eyelid at anything I 'refused' that is usually standard procedure. The MW, Sally, did encourage her student to become comfortable in questioning me with 'why' though. I was only too happy to provide my answers which suited them and they also both fully agreed with!
One of the main things I have declined was to see a consultant. Most people are told they have to see a consultant if they want a HB or what is considered a 'high risk' pregnancy (such as mine - due to the fact that DS was born via C-section)...I am not sure why else, but basically a consultant 'consults' the 'patient' and 'informs' them of the risks invovled due to their particular case (such as for me = uterine rupture).
I explained I did not want to see a consultant because I have heard a lot of negative things about consultants (woman being made to cry, told they were stupid, putting themselves in needless danger, etc - Lies, all lies and totally unsupportive and far from informative!). It would only stress me and I would become very defensive - both things I did not desire during pregnancy. My MW agreed with me on this! (shock!!!) She said that the consultant would only try and convince me to go into hospital and that having any other type of birth (such as HB) would be dangerous, whilst she believed that (due to familiar environment, being able to be more mobile and in control and comfortable) that I would have a higher success rate at a vaginal birth if I were to birth at home. She says she fully supports my choice for a home birth! (shock shock shock!!!). I guess I expected her to be a bit more 'mainstream' but I have been told that the MWs in this area are much more 'alternative' in their whole approach.
She said because I do not want to see a consultant I will not be under consultant care but rather under the midwifery care (as all the MW's in the area are part of the midwifery unit in Stroud). I am very pleased and so happy (ly unexpected) to hear this!
Oh - we also covered some other stuff that many mothers might not be thinking about right now (especially first time mothers) - and if that is the case, I think the idea is to get them thinking about it sometime soon before its too late! hehe... One of these things was my breastfeeding issues with DS and his tongue tie. She has informed that there is a MW in their unit trained in this and that they can have her come out, hopefully, the day my baby (if not, the next) is born to sort it out (snip snip snip) so that it does not cause any breastfeeding problems for us! This is such fab news!
This whole appointment has just made my whole day...no...whole year! They congratulated me on my pregnancy, were very happy to meet me and we are all looking forward to meeting up again when I am 16 weeks pregnant (so late October).

It went very well indeed I should say!!!

Monday, 21 September 2009


*Gasp* - yikes!...Thats right!!!
I seem to have a little bit more energy all of a sudden so have decided to get out my pregnancy exercise videos! Nothing fancy, I got them from the chairty shop ages ago and they are probably from the 70's, but they do the job. They are great in that they divide them up by 'toning' and 'aerobics' and then by which 'trimester' you are. So very well organised! I now have a new morning routine - and I actually feel better for it!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

This weeks photo - 10+1!

Double digits now!!! I can not believe I am already 10 weeks pregnant! I am looking much more 'pregnant' too...I don't think I will be able to keep it a 'secret' for much longer (though from whom, I don't know as I think I have pretty much told everyone! hehe) - So here is this weeks photo!

And here I am looking much more pregnant now! - And such a proud little boy I have! It was his fourth birthday yesterday! - Happy birthday my little man!

What happened this week:
Length of the embryo is now 22-25mm. Groove for the urethra formed; anus formed. External genitalia are still not clearly defined. Baby's intestines have formed outside because they can’t fit inside. Eight weeks’ gestation 10 weeks from your LMP - Embryo measures 30mm (1¼ inches).

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Smelly Spelly Bath!

For my birthday, my wondeful friend Yvi got me a lovely 'Brighter Blessings' herbal bath and spell gift set. The set came with a box of herbs, some incense, bath potion/soak in a bag (made suitable for early pregnancy), a crystal (moonstone I think) and a beautiful beeswax candle (all sparkly and purple and pinks!) - with a universal spell of course! It was a lovely 'smelly spelly' bath! I got to relax in beautiful scent and make a 'wish'. Just what I need right now on this new course in my life!

Well that was fast!

Just got off the phone with the MW! I have my first appointment next Wed at noon! She sounds really nice - looking forward to meeting Sally!
(there seem to be a lot of Sally's in my life! hehe)

Two Months today - and the 'MW'...

I am two months pregnant today! (9+5)
So I thought I would call and make an appointment with the midwife (MW)... And what a circus that was!
First I call our local medical centre and speak to a woman at the reception. She says I need to see the doctor first and as we are out all day today she suggested I call back tomorrow to schedule that. So I think 'okay' and hang up. But wait a mintue... That wasn't sitting right with me. Why do I need to see the 'doctor' - this has nothing to do with them. So I call back and its a different lady on the phone and I tell her I just called and what I was told and asked her why I have to see the doctor. She said it was to confirm the pregnancy. Ah...as I thought. I explained to her that we have been trying for a very long time and I am already nearly 10 weeks pregnant and that I thought it was a bit silly and a bit of a waste of time and NHS money just to have me pee in a cup to confirm this pregnancy. She told me that she could have the on-call doctor call me to explain the procedure. I said that was okay, and as she said it wouldn't take long to do (that is, come down and pee in a cup to 'confirm' things), I could just come down and pee in a cup to make them happy if thats what she wanted. She insisted that I speak to the on-call doctor though and ended saying that he might be able to sort it out over the phone (well lady, if you want confirmation, they can't do that over the phone! lol). He called shortly after. At least he laughed when I told him I felt it was a bit silly and a bit of a waste of time to have me come down there just to pee in a cup! Perhaps he agreed. We sorted it all out on the phone in a matter of mintues (he simply asked me when the first day of my last period was, I also explained to him about how I was using Fertility Friend and based on cycle length and day of ovulation am choosing to go by the EDD that FF has given me - which is the 17th of April! :D - and he asked if I had any other children and how the pregnancy/birth went - and that was that!) and the MW will sort it all out from here on out.
I wonder when my first appointment will be! I know she is only in one day a week and I think that is a Thursday in our area. We shall see!
I know I was not planning on bothering seeing her until after my first trimester as I did not see much point (being as I plan on having no scans, doppler, or any blood tests) but I have decided to see her early because I think it will be good for our relationship - these things take time to build. As I am planning on an HBAC, I feel this is important. It will also mean, that if I don't think we are connecting well (and this should be evident within the first few apponitments), that I will then have time to hire myself a doula. So I am looking forward to meeting the MW in our area! I am told she is pretty alternative, so here is hoping for a fabulous relationship!
I already have butterflies in my tummy! - I do not do well with confrontation and can come across very tactless and rude through such a process. I am just no good at fighting with words! I hope I do not have to fight to have the birth I want, need and that this baby and I deserve! Breath....

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Getting artsy...

Heres my bump today - had a play with it of course (no one wants to see my nipples :p) - 9+4!

Don't ask! lol

Odd skin changes....

Well, I no longer feel bloated (despite still being reather gassy...its just a fact, I was gassy all pregnancy with DS as well hehe) and deffinatly feel more of a 'bump' going on down there... So last night I went to have a nice relaxing bath (with a bowl of ice cream of course! hehe) and noticed that my tummy button has gotten darker!!! Now, I know, due to hormones and increase in melanin, that skin changes - especially certain bits of your skin getting darker such as your nipples (mine have not gotten darker yet) - can happen during pregnancy... But my tummy button? What an odd thing!!!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Weekly Photo - 9+1...

...nearly double digits now! hehe
Yesterday (the 13th) was my birthday! I am now 25 years of age...Last year I had a miscarriage on my birthday. This year, my birthday was much much better.... :D

Here is the weekly photo (though I am starting to feel that these look a bit silly...I don't think you can tell much change yet! hehe)...

And this one for show (you can deff see a bump with clothes)!

What happened this week (and my little nectarine ticker has changed shape again! hehe):

Eyelids are beginning to form. The tip of baby's nose is now distinct.
Genital buds start developing. Baby's trunk is elongating and straightening. Seven weeks’ gestation - Nine weeks from your Last Menstrual Period (LMP). The embryo is 18-20mm (¾ inch) long. Upper limbs are longer and bent at the elbows; fingers are distinct. Baby's testes or ovaries are distinguishable.

Basically, it all sounds like its looking a lot more human now!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Baby Record Book

I saw a 'Baby's First Year' record book in a chairty shop today - obviously unused. But it was prefect and only £1.50 so I bought it!!! What makes it so perfect you ask? Well, it is obviously an 'old' version one - and thats why. Meaning, there is not spot for 'hospital bracelet' and no spot for 'baby's first scan picture' - etc. There is however, a spot for 'inoculations' - but it is lumped together with a bunch of other stuff, so whilst they will stay blank - it won't be such a huge empty area in the book. Because if I bought any other baby record book, a lot of it would include such things and therefore, a lot of it would remain rather empty! The photo sections of the books are also nice full pages. With my sons record book (we got him a lovely Peter Rabbit one), the photo sections of the book were all odd shapes and sizes, which meant we had to print out a lot of the photos to fit specifically. This book will be much easier to throw together, and with a lot of stuff of no use to use already left out, will also be nice and full at the end of their first year!

9 Weeks today!!! Yay! :D

Monday, 7 September 2009

This weeks photo - 8+1!

So here is this weeks photo! - I am finally past the 8 week mark! Miscarriage rates have now dropped to 5%. This one is a keeper - grow little nectarine grow!

What happened this week:

From head to rump, the embryo is now 9mm long. Baby's upper lip is formed. Baby's upper limbs bend at their new elbows. The external ear is beginning to form. Digital rays (early fingers) are developing. The embryo is now 13-16mm (½ inch).

So not much, but I have been very tired this week, so it certainly has taken a lot out of me to develop this little nectarine of mine! hehe I also think that the 'sizes' they give (of how big ones embryo is) is an 'average' and not always accurate. There is a woman in the same DDC as me that has a scan at 6 weeks and her baby was already 9mm by then!

Saturday, 5 September 2009


I can not believe it! - I am here...8 WEEKS!!! Woop! (and my little babystrology nectarine has changed shape again!)
Now, the question is...when to make my first midwife appointment. Midwives will see you from 9 weeks onwards in this area. There really is no point to make one now though, and probably not much point to make one until I am over 12 weeks pregnant. This is because I am not having any scans or blood tests and they can't really do much to check on baby before then anyhow (and unlike in America, they do not do internal scans here until you are in labour!). But, it might be an idea to go in early just to create the relationship with our local midwife. An NHS midwife is probably not as personal as an independent midwife would be, but we do live in a fairly rural area, so it should be more personal than when we lived in Bristol and I never saw the same midwife twice (let alone, the midwife that was even 'assigned' to me!) - considering there is only one midwife in this area (though, due to shifts and all of that, she may not be the MW I see when I am actually in labour). I am told the MW's in this area are pretty 'alternative' though, so I am looking forward to that. I know seeing a MW sooner would certainly make this pregnancy much more real to me - but I am still not sure how much point there will be in that. I know during a second pregnancy, they do not see you as often as they did if it were your first - but being so long after having my first and living in a new area, maybe they will see me more often throughout the pregnancy. Who knows! - Won't really know until I do something about it though right!?!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Pregnancy Tissue Salt Programme!

My tissue salts (New Era - which I ordered from this site due to their impressive prices and they shipped pretty fast as well! ) arrived yesterday!!! (yay!)
I am doing the 'pregnancy tissue salt programme' - explains more here.

Five tissue salts in total. The 'programme' - roughly (I am not yet two months, but have started already) (taken twice a day or as felt needed):

•Months 2 and 6 Calc Fluor, Mag Phos, Ferrum Phos
• Months 3 and 7 Calc Fluor, Mag Phos, Nat Mur
• Months 4 and 8 Calc Fluor, Nat Mur, Silica
• Months 5 and 9 Calc Fluor, Ferrum Phos, Silica

A closer look at the tissue salts and what they do:

Calc Fluor – for bone development and elasticity of connective tissue, helping
to prevent stretch marks, circulatory problems and varicose veins.

Mag Phos – for nerve and muscle development, therefore reducing the
chance of heartburn and cramps.

Ferrum Phos – for blood oxygenation, hence reducing the tendency to

Nat Mur – for controlling fluid balance, helping to prevent swollen hands or
ankles and high blood pressure, as well as supporting nerves and muscles,
including the heart.

Silica – for building strong teeth, bones and hair and general strength.