Friday, 31 July 2009

Cold Kidneys

Apparently - I have 'cold kidneys'. Today I had another acupuncture appointment (I asked her today how often she was planning on treating me as surely it can not go on for every week - she said its best to do it more often after ovulation and once every week if pregnant but we can do it less before ovulation and more after if I like - sounds good to me!) and I also got some needles in my back today! - That was interesting. I am not sure if I makes sense, but she was spot on. I am a cold kind of person. My hands and feet are always cold - mostly my feet are always freezing and my lower back is also usually always cold as well. She advised me to keep these areas warm so I am typing this now with a hot water bottle on my lower back and toastie thick socks on my feet! hehe - I just google and did find this however! Perhaps my 'problem' is as simple as that! We shall see!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Lower temps... Odd!

Maybe its the acupuncture or maybe my body is sorting itself out or maybe for the first time I have no actually ovulated or maybe the world is ending...I don't know! I would like to think it a positive good thing rather than anything in the not-so-good side of my fertility world - but my temps are, on average, lower. I am talking BBT here in case you were not sure!
My temps, on average, have always been on the high side. At FF, you can look through a chart gallery and I have always noticed when I scanned the gallery that my temps were always very high compared to other charts. Pre-O, they were always about 36.8 and post-O around 37.2. This is actually on the high side - apparently.
This cycle has been different though. My pre-O temps seem to be about 36.4 - and my post-O temps are at 36.8. This is low for me, but this is actually the normal average BBT. The only thing different this cycle is giving maca another go (like one would take clomid) - in the hopes that I would ovulate earlier as the last time I took maca I ovulated a whole week earlier than normal (it can only be a good think if one is already a late ovulator!) and acupuncture!
On one hand, I am thinking - great!, my temps are now average for BBT! This can only be a good sign - average is good and average is healthy and average means baby making and sticking!...but on the other hand I am slighly worried as it is such a drastic change and very sudden as well - it leaves me to wonder if anything healthy is actualy going on down there!
Can only wait and see I guess!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Another acupuncture appointment!

Gone well I must say! - Afterwards as I was leaving I did feel a bit of gassy pain in my bowel area - but that passed quickly (with no gas haha! - odd. ) - and quickly after felt a bit 'morning-sickish'. She did do some points that were to help cleans my liver (apparently) - so I guess its a bit of a detox for me. Will let her know and ask her about it at the next appointment - which is next Friday. Looking forward to it again! :)

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Clotting screen - all clear!

My son just brought me a letter - which means the post man has come and DS has been helping himself to what has arrived! hehe.... Turns out it is a letter from my Doctor - So blood clotting disorders are ruled out (and apparently they checked for Lupus as well - and if I did not watch 'House' - I would have no idea what that was!)! Which of course is good news but also leaves me no more in the know of whats going on with my body! Sigh*

Pee-on-a-Stick Addict?

Well I found this really cool site (thanks to an MDC mama! hehe) called 'Can you see a line?'- Its a pregnancy test picture gallery! - You can vote if you see a line or not for the pictures people put up! Of course, you can put your pictures up as well and have people vote on them for you too! hehe Fun and practical right?! hehe

Saturday, 18 July 2009

My acupuncture appointment!

My acupuncturists name is Sally and she is really lovely and nice! She practices two typs of chinese acupuncture - which she used on me. She kept going on about 'liver-chi' and how I am a 'wood' element. I have to was everything I expected it to be!
I was very excited to have this appointment. It felt like 'yeah - I am doing something great for my body and my fertility!'. I felt in control. I felt listened to and cared for. We had a good chat about...well...everything! - for more than an hour before she started the actual acupuncture. I felt very relaxed. I did not expect it to be painful and it wasn't. The first needle was a bit uncomfortable but I wouldn't describe it as painful. It sort of felt tingly with a bit of pressure.

I think for the first appointment she was focusing more on my emotinal side of things and just general body balance. If I find out anything more from my GP (like if I deffinitely have 'something') then she can focus more on that. She just feels that my body is out of balance but was very respectful to my thoughts and feelings - you know, not the typical 'well you are perfectly fine because you already have a son' attitude that I am getting real tired of. Anyone going through secondary infertility knows how insensitive such comments are, despite the fact people think they are trying to be reassuring. I guess that what I really liked about Sally, she wasn't trying to be anything - she just was (despite the fact she has never had children herself). Which was nice, because it felt like she just accepted me for who I am and my situation and was simply there to help in the way she could!

I have my next appointment next Friday - I am really looking forward to that! I feel at peace - I feel patient.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


I have my first acupuncture appointment this Friday! I am looking forward to it! At the moment, I am not really sure what to expect but it can only help right?

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Still no where closer

Or so it feels. A few more weeks yet until I can get my blood test results back for the clotting disorders (which apparently take up to 6 weeks + to get the results back!). I also think I will call my GP back and see if, in the mean time, we can do more tests to at least try and rule things out. Such as tests for autoimmune diseases (is it crazy I think I have arthritis? - Well it's not unheard of!) and maybe check some more of my other hormones and their levels. Might as well scan my ovaries before we jump in for a lap too (which is currently being scheduled) - theres a possibility it could be more than one 'problem' as I know some woman suffering from infertility that have an autoimmune disease, PCOS and endo! I am not a hypochondriac - I just want a baby! I don't like feeling I am just sitting here counting on chance - because so far that hasn't worked. I can't even hold off testing too early as I know my body too well! At least the church I clean is praying for me now - the more the merrier!