Monday, 22 March 2010

A great (head) MW appointment!

So today I had my 'head' MW appointment at the Stroud Maternity Unit in Stroud! I got to meet the 'head' MW there (who was actually really lovely and nothing how I imagined! hehe) and we discussed my birth plan and did a quick 'risk assessment' as well. I am not sure if the risk assessment is standard for all those planning a home birth or if perhaps it is just because I am planning a home birth after a c-section and/or because I have also declined to see a 'consultant'. Maybe all of the above really! She basically just covered the basics of 'emergencies' (focusing on the ones that pertain more to me such as uterine rupture and possible 'problem's that could arrise with a 'big baby') and what they usually like to do in certain situations - and letting me know that I can of course 'decline' anything they suggest (all of their suggestions coming from the 'NICE Guidelines'). So really, the 'risk assessment' was so that they could cover their backs. My MW said it was so I didn't go into labour, have something happen and claim that I didn't 'know' - and sue them or something! ...cause thats the way the world works these days you know! (shame but true). And of course, we covered my birth plan - what I would like and not like to happen. I think she got the basic idea that I would simply like a natural hands off birth as much as possible and noted the extras such as the fact I would have my own cord ties, plan to keep the placenta, etc. That was about it!...

Oh and before the 'meeting' my MW did a quick antenatal appointment as usual (feel and measurment of my bump as well as checking my urine and blood pressure - all of which are great!). I am still measuring large though (41 weeks) so I did agree to a quick scan (and no - I did not peek) to check that - as in, to make sure there was only one in there cause thats all been a bit 'iffy' (which they are not actually jotting down a scan because my MW preformed it and she is not a sonographer and I gave her 10 seconds to work it out, no longer - Am really pleased she respected that! ...must be the shortest scan in the history of man! lol). Well - there really is only one baby in there, it is just measuring on the larger side! But I guess I just grow large babies!

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