Saturday, 30 August 2008

2WW again!...

And this time, I actually and feeling a bit more patient. I don't want to get my hopes up like last time so even at the moment I am not feeling very hopeful. I am trying to stay positive though.
My cycle however is all over the place. First FF predicted that I had ovulated on CD 13 which is so much earlier than I normally ovulate (that being between CD 20-24). However, I am on the vitamin B complex now which could have a lot to answer for. But then my temperature dropped again. It is not back up so FF has just changed their predictions, now predicting that I O'd on CD 17 instead. Still quite earlier than I normally O!... I am not sure if this Vit B complex is a good thing or not yet! hehe...If it is making my cycles shorter, I guess thats a good thing as it means less waiting around! hehe
We shall see! ...Maybe this will be the cycle I get my BFP!...
Still unsure about when I want to test though as I don't want to jump too soon but I do have seven pregnancy tests lined up so I can afford to be a bit impatient ;)! hehe

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Here we go again!...

And more luck is needed!...Time to DTD! ...thats 'do the deed'.
I am showing signs of fertility so DH and I are off to do the baby dance!...Only 'odd' thing this cycle around, is that we are also going to stay at his parents house for this next week. If that doesn't make things interesting, hopefully it will still be fun! hehe It will give us a twist though and perhaps that is what we need? We will get the opportunity to baby dance in the A.M. and maybe thats this eggs pick up time! Who knows... But I really hope we are lucky this time around. Give me that BFP! And if we are even more lucky, I am still hopefully in for that Taurus baby!!!

Here we go again!!!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

I have seen it all now!

What do you know...another product aimed at those desperately trying to conceive a baby!...The Conception Pillow!
I get the general idea...and I think anyone who is TTC would as well. But common...look at that price (doesn't look like something I could get in the UK anyhow)!!!...All of us TTC already are/have/will try that 'positioning' after the Baby Dance (BD/DTD) in our own homes, with our own pillows...for FREE! lol
The things people come up with!...It always makes me wonder: 'Why didn't I think of that!'...I could be rich by now! hehe

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

TTC Pic n' mix - cycle #2!

So here is our new pic n' mix for the second round of trying - cycle #2!

As I said in an earlier post, DH has now agreed to take some supplements. I hope it helps to create some fabulous healthy sperm and that it gives us a better chance at concieving!

His (thats DH :p)
The first A vitamin C tablet - High stregth. As DH smokes, I have read that it is best he take some extra vitamin C to help those spermies out. I do not like that he smokes and I have tried several ways to help him to stop smoking but there is nothing more I can do so it is up to him really. At least he is willing to take these supplements so lets hope they help!
The second is the Sanatogen 'pronatal' designed for men during TTC!

Hers (that me :p)
The first is RRL.
The second is EPO.
The third is a 'hers' Sanatogen 'pronatal' vitamin designed for woman during TTC!
The fourth is a Vitamin B Complex. I am hoping that this will help to legthen my LP. My LP without EPO is 11 days. With EPO it was 14 days. But I stopped taking the EPO after ovulation because EPO can cause cramping and thus prevent implantation...back to a short LP then I guess. I could indeed have had a fertelised egg, that just didnt have enough time to implant (normally, implantation occurs between days 7-10 after ovulation, but sometimes sooner and sometimes longer...11 day LP is pushing it a bit if I need a bit longer!) no pregnancy occured :(. But Vitamin B Complex (Vit B6 to be more exact but it is best to always try and make your supplements 'well rounded' I feel) is supposed to help with that so I hope it does!
The fifth is Vitamin E.

And thats that! Heres to a healthy second round of TTC! I hope DH can handle it. It's certainly more sex than we would normally have! hehe

I'm Out...

AF is here... :( Thats a 'no-go' for this cycle then. A BFN.
I had spotting on Sunday, which I figured could be implantation spotting. I was trying to be hopeful! Then more spotting yesterday and a light bleed. Full on bleeding this morning and some pretty heavy cramping (as per usual for my AF visit). I had even put my mooncup away but I guess I have had to get her out again! Oh well...That was the longest 2WW of my life! How will I go through that again?! Why does it feel like its been years since I last ovulated and that it will be years until I ovulate again?
In one window, I am fine with this. I favour the larger age gaps, but my impatience has led us to start trying when we did! However, nature has other plans and the fact that that will make the age gap a bit larger is great for us I think! However, I am upset about it. I was really grumpy about it yesterday as well. I guess it was a bit naive of me to assume we would be lucky first try around. We sure were with Duncan and we were not even trying! (hehe)
DH was a bit upset about it as well. I think it was probably due more to the fact that made me a bit upset though. It did surprise me though because even though we went into this together, it has clearly always been me that was in want of another baby. He was just going along with the ride as there was really no reason for him to say no. He has agreed to take some supplements though...which also surprised me! So we are both on the pic n' mix now! Lets hope it helps - at least we will both me more healthy!
Heres to the next cycle then. I am due to ovulate around the end of the month/first week in September. I have my fingers crossed once more!

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Pregnancy smoothie

To help me gain more nutrience, especially iron, during this (possible) pregnancy and to stay within a weekly shopping budget, I have come up with a simple breakfast and/or lunch smoothie that is quick and easy to make!


1). A Yoghurt (with or without fruit already added - I am having it with fruit already added)
2). Handful of fresh spinach leaves
3). Orange juice (as much or little as you like really!)
4). Fresh fruit (optional - you can fluff it up cheaply with some bananas or apples, etc)


Blend thoroughly and enjoy!

The best bit can't taste the spinach!

You can experiment with it as well. It's a pretty basic and easy smoothie to make that is just plain good for you as it is packed with iron and vitamin C and calcium as well as vitamin D!