Sunday, 14 March 2010

This weeks photo - 35+1!

So here we are - the 35 weeks mark! (and this weeks photo of course!) I could happily and safely have this baby after next week (they are fine with home births after 36 weeks of pregnancy - most people, individuals or otherwise, seem to be comfortable with that mark)...or in just three weeks time (which is more realistic - the 38 week mark!...statistcally, second babies come 2 weeks earlier than firsts! - and that puts one at 38 weeks!) ...I suddenly feel like I have so much to do in the way of 'nesting' (though I really don't! - Super organised me!)...

And I think I have 'dropped'. Well, a lot of people I see often seem to think so - and so do I. I mean, I thought so first but knew it could all be in my head and then when everyone else started commenting - I knew it wasn't! Not that it means anything! hehe

What happened this week:

Skin is pink and smooth. Baby begins to develop sleeping patterns. If baby is born now and is healthy, he or she would have an excellent chance of survival with special care and respiratory support. You may feel bulky but you are, literally, full of life. 33 weeks' gestation 35 weeks from your LMP. Foetus length: about 31cm crown to rump (42.5cm or 16½ inches head to toe). Weight: 2300g or 5lbs.

Oh...and I seem to be averaging out at about 1/2 inch of growth around my waist every week now! hehe