Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Been rather neglectful of this blog. I guess these things happen when you have a baby! Havn't really had much time to do much - let alone shower and take care of my other basic needs...but we are getting there! Will eventually update on everything!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

This weeks photo - 40+1!

Yeah yeah yeah...still here!

Still huge... But actually have not grown that much this past week.

Tick tock tick tock...come out baby! lol

What happened this week:
Only 5% of babies are born on their due date so birth could happen any time. Levels of amniotic fluid have stabilised. Your baby may now be deep in the pelvis. You have now completed 38 weeks' gestation 40 weeks from your LMP. Baby's length: about 20-21 inches from head to toe.

Friday, 16 April 2010


Still having acupuncture... and still going good! Today she put some of these 'seed' things in my ears (not my ear, but they look like picture shown) that will help with 'calm' and 'grounding' myself before/during and after labour as well as for my kidney yang (which I am always out of balance with) and for my uterus (not to be used until I am in labour of course!). She also gave me some pointers on 'induction' points as well - and some other useful points to use for any 'complications' that could occur such as retained placenta, etc.
I have an earlier appointment with her next week just in case I am still pregnant! hehe - Hope I don't have to see her then. I am very ready to meet this baby of mine!
Though I still feel great! The antibiotics for the mastitis have helped so much and I feel on top of the world now. My boob still looks pretty sore but it is no longer actually sore to the touch. Also got myself some probiotics.
Can not belive I am due tomorrow! - Wonder when this little one will decide to show themself!

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Yes - apparently you can get this in pregnancy. It's rare...but still possible!
I am not one for taking 'drugs' - but I have happily accepted antibiotics from my GP who came out to see me today because the last thing I want to feel like is death when I go into labour!...Any day now perhaps?


Sunday, 11 April 2010

This weeks photo - 39+1!

Was hoping that I wouldn't have to post this week photo in all honesty!...Forgot to do one for last week too! (oh well)...
So here it is anyhow...still pregnant as you can see.

What happened this week:

Baby is fairly plump now. Lanugo hair has now all but disappeared, except for isolated areas on the tops of shoulders and the back. Toenails reach tips of toes; limbs are held flexed. 37 weeks' gestation 39 weeks from your LMP. Baby's length: about 35cm crown to rump (48.5cm or 19 inches head to toe). Average weight: 3150g or 7lbs.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Sling stash!

I actually have a handful more slings than this (shame on me!), but they are not slings I plan on using for this baby right away. For example, I do not have pictured my freedom ring slings, my 'Katja' Didymos or any of my mei tais - though I have pictured my podaegi (My Bei Bei) because I love it more than anything (well, its it 'catagory') and can not wait to use it - though I won't be using it right away.

So, here are my newborn sling stash photos!:

(From Left to right: Krokus Indio Didymos in cotton, Sonne/natur Indio Didymos in cotton, Bebina Rainbow & MaM Eco in 'pomegranate' - hemp/cotton mix)
(From Bottom to top - as this photo appears to have displayed itself sideways!: Slingafied pink Silk Mille, Comfy Joey in 'Buttercup', Slingafied Bara Barn in 'Cappuccino' and my water ring sling!)
(My Bei Bei in 'plum')

Thursday, 8 April 2010

And more plug!...

How much of this stuff is in there?! lol

Baby is also now 3/5ths engaged!

Can't be long now surely?!