Sunday, 21 March 2010

Birth Pool Practice Run!

Today we did our practice run of the birthing pool! It was actually a lot of fun (and I wasn't expecting that! hehe). We even ended up deciding to fill it all the way - which gave DH the practice on how to empty it and put it all away again as well! (it only took about an hour to put up in total - which including blowing it up and filling it up - so not bad at all!...but took longer than that to put away! hehe) Also - the bottom does inflate, which is lovely! The pool we will be using (thanks to a super great friend of mine who is letting me borrow it!) is the La Bassine. I love its shape and the fact it has handles on the inside! hehe
Duncan also really enjoyed the set up and didn't want the pool to go way (I certainly didn't want to get out - it was so comfy! Will be a huge help when I am actually in labour!). He was having fun in the pool as well until it got 'too deep' for him and then he wanted out but he enjoyed watching me float about in it! I really think he is looking forward to a new family member! (well - we shall see! hehe)

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