Sunday, 30 August 2009

TTC Pic n' Mix - Pregnancy/First Trimester Mix

So I never shared my 'winning' pic n' mix mix! So here it is...

First, my daily intake of tablets - enough to make me rattle of course!

We can start from left to right. Morning, Afternoon, and Night (M/A/N) or one each time a day = X3.

1). Omega 3. Good for the prevention of miscarriage.

2). Sanatogen pro-natal. An all around multi vitamin designed for those TTC/Pregnant and breastfeeding. Its full of all the good stuff - including folic acid!

3). Agnus Castus. Balances hormones - increases progesterone where needed!

4). Burdock root. Eliminated excess estrogen.

5). Hemp seed oil - the most cheap vegetarian omega option (more than just omega 3) - good for building babies building blocks!

6). Vitamin D. Essential.

7). B Complex. Also essential.

8). Folic Acid. A must!

9). Not pictured - Maca. I took this like one takes clomid (so CD 2-9). I took 6X 500mg.

And now...

Since becoming pregnant, I have added on a Calcium supplement and Vitamin B6.

The Calcium is because I have gone off a lot of foods due to my morning sickness (aka - nausea) so I am worried that I am not getting enough calcium and I feel this is very important during pregnancy. The vitamin B6 (on the right) is for my M/S! hehe

Also, I have been using a 'Womans Essence' cream and a 'Fertility Enhancing Spray' as well as my 'Childbearing Mix' essence! Things I have found to be greatly benefitial! ...And the proof is in the pudding! to speak! hehe

7+1! - This weeks photo!

So here is this weeks photo! - I am into week seven already!

What happened this week:

Baby’s eye lens pits, optic cups and nasal pits begin to form. Baby’s primitive mouth appears. Baby's arms look like paddles. The embryo is now 7mm long. The baby's head is much larger than the trunk of the body, and plates are forming for tiny feet. Oral and nasal cavities are forming. The cerebellum and spleen begin to develop.


Saturday, 29 August 2009

7 weeks today!

And look - my little blogger nectarine ticker has changed its shape! So amazing! I am so happy to be here!
My first pair of maternity trousers arrived today as well. Ebay of course - but brand new Blooming Marvelous maternity jeans - £5.99...a bargain!!! They are comfy. I don't need to wear them now, but most of my other trousers/jeans are much too tight for comfort. These have plenty of room for growth though! :)

Monday, 24 August 2009


Just over six weeks today - and here is the weekly photo!

Not sure I am getting much bigger at this point! hehe - But I am still bloated. I also don't think it helps that my tummy muscles never really went back together after having my son!

What happened this week:

Early evidence of eyes and inner ears. The neural tube (later known as the spinal cord) begins to fuse. Baby is now growing rapidly. Tiny buds that will soon form the arms and legs appear, along with eyes, liver and the digestive system.
The embryo measures 4mm.

Saturday, 22 August 2009


I am six weeks today! - Amazing! Apparently baby is the size of a grain of rice. Heart is formed and is pumping. Limb buds in place as well as other organs- including eyes, but no eye lids yet! ...Just Wow!

Well I guess I have 'Morning Sickness'...

Ugh - Oh no! Basically, since I have been pregnant, I have been feeling queasy for most of the day. The first few weeks, it was more so in the evening. Now it is more so in the afternoon, but the general 'queasy' feeling is always there - all day long. I have not thrown up though - only came close once (I was making myself something to eat in the evening and my tummy got all tight and my mouth got all watery how it does before you are about to throw up). I hate throwing up though, so I am pretty good at preventing that. Once when I got the tummy bug, I held throwing up all day long until DH got him and was able to look after DS (he of course got the bug the next day!) - but me and throw up, it rarely happens! Anyroad - if you are feeling 'queasy', apparently this is still considered 'm/s'.
My acupuncturist can work wonders though! She did some of the spots for sickness yesterday on me and my queasy feeling went away! I was starving - and ate so much! It kinda felt different not feeling queasy! hehe Cause if anything, this feeling queasy has just put me off food. I am hungry though but I have to make myself eat only because I know I have to. It has me feeling extremly picky though about what I do eat and there is never anything I seem to really fancy. (and if I do fancy it, by the time I have made it - I no longer do!) - you can't win!
However, I did not feel this way at all when I was pregnant with DS. Though I have read you are more likely to feel more symptoms (like m/s) with subsequent pregnancies (especially if you did not have such symptoms your first time around) - Another sign of a girl, or just different symptoms with a different pregnancy?

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Cravings - or lack of

I have nearly almost totally gone off anything sweet. I am all savoury and bland here. I am craving cheese and tomatoes (not together though!) big time. Plain greek yoghurt for breakfast (with a handful of bitter/sour fruits rather than sweet ones) and pasta for lunch - with lots of tomato sauce on it! hehe It is a good thing my tomatoes are finally ripening! (I am well proud of myself - my first home grown produce! hehe - I deffinatly recomment the hanging basket variety!).
Everyone says this means I am having a girl. I am not too fussed what sex we have. I am pleased to be pregnant and am looking forward to adding to our family! Having another boy would be helpful as there is a load of stuff we can re-use (like clothes) but buying for girls is so much fun! hehe Guess we will just have to wait and see as I am not planning on having any early scans. There is a good article about that here though there is plenty more where that came from but I feel her article is very 'whole'.
Thinking back though - in my first trimester with my son, I was craving similar things. By the second trimester I was craving sweet things again and fresh fruit. In the third trimester I was craving coffee (strangly - as I do not drink the stuff!) and salted popcorn as well as sour things like raw lemons! Will be interesting to see how this pregnancy progresses! So far - no morning sickness but I have felt a bit queezy every now and them and am therefore very picky with my food.

Monday, 17 August 2009

One Month - Today!

I am one month pregnant today - thats 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant!
Here is my weekly photo!

What happened this week:

‘Primitive streak’ (the forerunner of the brain and spinal cord) is evident. Baby’s head is now detectable. A groove forms in the primitive streak, setting stage for three layers of tissue: ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm. The ectoderm will form skin, hair, linings of ear, nose, mouth, glands and the nervous system. From the endoderm, baby will develop lungs, tongue, glands, bladder and digestive tract. From the mesoderm, baby will develop muscles, bones, blood cells, heart, excretory and reproductive systems. The next 10-30 days are crucial for development of the nervous system and heart. Early heartbeats, facial features and lung buds begin to form.

Sunday, 16 August 2009


This new 'ClearBlue Digital ~ With Conception Indicator' digital pregnancy test is awsome!

This weekend we told the in-laws! I had a little poem that I glued inside an old (but really pretty light blue/satin) watch gift box on one side - with the pregnancy test held in place on the other side! It was then wrapped and handed to her by our son - (that was pretty funny - and she had no idea what the pregnancy test in the box was - she thought it was a pen at first! - and could not find her reading glasses - and here I was thinking the digital pregnancy test would make it simple for them! hehe) I got the final '3+' conception indicator reading - which I did not actually expect to get as I was only just 5 weeks pregnant that day (conception indicator tells you when you ovulated, they don't give you EDD based on LMP - but inform you to add two weeks to the indicator number you are given as that is what your doctor/GP/MW will base EDD on - confused yet? hehe - It basically just helps you figure out when you concieved if you are a bit unsure, or in my case, if you are obsesses, can let you know that your 'numbers' - hCG -are rising as they should - this one is a sticker!).

I have also been having fun taking pictures of the inside of this digital and this is what I have:

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Thats what I like to see...

...moving along just as I should be. Happy morning for me. Acupuncture this afternoon (can't wait to tell her the good news!). This one is a keeper! :D
I am 4W5D today - so this is spot on!:

Monday, 10 August 2009

First weekly photo! - 4+1

I think the plan is to stick with taking a photo every Sunday, that will always make me a week +1. Then I will have the time to upload it on Mondays! So here is my first weekly photo at 4+1! - I already look huge, but I am seriously gassy and bloated! hehe (oh dear!) me grow!

What happen this week:

Conception: egg and sperm meet, creating a single cell organism (the zygote). Zygote (a cell resulting from the fusion of two gametes) divides. A two-sided ball is formed. Zygote divides two, three, then four times. The now 16-cell solid ball drops into the uterus. Fluid enters the ball, dividing it again – one part becomes the placenta, the other the baby. The zygote becomes attached to the wall of the uterus. The organism is now an embryo. Rapid growth – amniotic sac, amniotic cavity and yolk sac are developing. The placenta begins to form and blood circulates within it. Chorionic villi, the tissue lining the placenta, begins to develop.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

My Good Morning news!

I am Pregnant!!!

14DPO today - FMU - And here is the photo:

I knew it of course - I tested at 11DPO and got this faint something (first one is at 3 minutes and the second one is at the 10 minute mark):

And so far this pregnancy has been different from all the rest. My temps are lower, on average than they have been this whole cycle. My cervical membranes are actually quite egg-whitey rather than creamy. I am having slight headaches and am kinda nausious for the past few days - no matter what I eat - I don't actually feel like throwing up but the queezy feeling is constantly there. I hope these are all good signs. I feel really positive about this. I have ever hope in acupuncure as well!

I am due 17th April!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

One is not enough

This article was shared with me and it hits home so much. I wanted to share it here.