Saturday, 20 March 2010

One up on the MWs!

Yeah yeah yeah... Even my DH thinks I am being silly but it can't hurt. I have ordered my own urine test strips! (and actually, I only ordered 25 for a fiver but they sent me 100!) Now I can check my own pee out, before anxiously waiting it out the journey to the MW! And since I have so many strips, I can have fun with them too! Took my pee this morning after it had been sitting in my bladder for much longer than normal and all checked out fine! Will test my limits a bit - Going to a birthday party today so will have a slice of cake and see what my urine says some time after that. Not highly scientific, but it seems more logical to me than a glucose tolerance test! (yuck!) They are exactly the same strips that the MWs use - and if anything, will help me lower my stress levels as nothing will be 'unknown' to me that isn't known to them - at least I will know before hand! (helps me feel more in control at least!)

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