Thursday, 25 September 2008

TTC (post m/c) Pic n' Mix

Time to rattle and roll! hehe...Here is the latest TTC pic n' mix for both DH and I! So here it is - cycle #3:

Hers (thats me again :p hehe) - From Left to right:
The first is Omega 3: This is great for your body and potential growing baby. It has been shown in studies to prevent miscarriage. What I want and need!
The second is 'hers' Sanatogen 'pronatal' vitamin designed for women during TTC!
The third is Vitamin B complex: Increases fertility - so they say!
The fourth is Vitamin E: Just good for skin!
The fifth is folic acid: Just to be on the safe side!

His (DH that is!) - From Left to Right:
The first is the same Omega 3 I am taking.
The second is Vitamin C: Because he smokes.
The third is 'his' Sanatogen 'pronatal': The 'other half' :p
The fourth is the same Vitamin B Complex: For good luck :p
The fifth is Zinc!: For good sperm production and mobility!
The sixth is the same Folic Acid: For more good luck! :p

Mrs. Impatient

So I guess we are back here again. I have no patience and have decided to not wait for a period. I figure that if I was not even trying and looking for the signs (and taking such early pregnancy tests!) then I might have not even known I was pregnant to begin with and would have kept on trying anyhow! I had a pretty straight forward m/c so I think everything should be fine.
I guess I will be having my fingers crossed again! Bring on the baby dance!
Third time lucky right?

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Fertility Goddess

I got my fertility goddess charm in the post yesterday. I am wearing her on a necklace today! - She is the modern representation of the Nile Fertility Goddess which has her arms raised to symbolize the continuance of generations and her shape represents birth. Lets hope she is the charm we need! It's a pretty little piece at least.

Sunday, 21 September 2008


The bleeding topped last Thursday. But then yesterday evening I had some strange brown spotting occurance. It was just like a blob - like a forgotten bit my body just had to finish up with or something. I am wondering when I will get a period again. It feels like I am always waiting for something these days! I would try sooner but I have been told and read that the possibility of twins is greater if you conceive right after a miscarriage due to your body releasing more than one egg as a sort of 'catch-up'. True or not, the possibility of any truth in that has scared me enough in having me wait until I at least get a period before we start to TTC again.
Yesterday I felt horrible. It was the same sort of feeling I got about five days after my son was born. They call it the 'baby blues'. I guess its possible to get them even after an early miscarriage. It is caused by your hormones getting settled again I guess. I hate the feeling. I had a few good cries. I am feeling much better today.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

A Miscarriage

I started having some spotting on Friday night. I was so worried. You never think it will happen to you. I guess one lesson I am still learning in life is not to be naive. The cramps started the next afternoon and now I am bleeding quite heavily. My baby may no longer be growing in my womb, but they will be in my thoughts forever.
My little one, You have left us too soon, though my body can no longer hold you, I hold you forever in my heart. As precious and beautiful as this flower caught in time ~ A mother's love does not forget

"An Angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. And whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth."

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Cravings already!

Cheese! - I can't seem to get enough of it, which makes me my own worst enemy as I am lactose intolerant! Oh dear. I also seem to just crave savory items in general. The other day I had a lovely hearty vegetable soup. At this point I think I could eat that everyday! When I was pregnant with DS, I craved mostly sweet things and sour things in the third trimester, but I think that was past the first trimester and I can not really remember what I craved in the first trimester...I think it was savory as well but don't quote me on that! I do not remember being this hungry though with DS! I go from just eating a meal to starving in no time at all! ...think I need to remember to eat smaller meals more often!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

4 Weeks - In Pictures

So here is a photo of me today - After my very conclusive 'pregnant' from the Clearblue digital pregnancy test. I am exactly 4 weeks (LMP) - 2 weeks gestation today. No bump yet of course...but an impending one on its way! hehe

A line is a line but.....

You can not beat the Clearblue Digital crystal clear words of 'Pregnant'! - And this test also tells you how long ago you conceived. For me, it says 1-2 weeks ago which is exactly right - I conceived two weeks ago today!

Conclusive evidence that seems to satisfy my husband!!! The most sophisticated piece of technology I will ever pee long as I do not ever pee on the computer he says! ;)

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

My Tests...

Here are my pregnancy tests - from the top to the bottom we have 10DPO, 11DPO, 12DPO, and 13DPO:


My EDD is the 20th of May.

How did I figure this out?

Well - since I have been charting my fertility I could pin-point my date of ovulation based on my BBT (thats basal body temperature). Because I know when I ovulated, I know the soonest possible time that I could have concieved. I can then figure out my when my baby would be due based on this and the knowledge that the average pregnancy is 280/266 days long.

I used Prem's Rule to figured out my EDD.

Here is a good website in helping you figure out your EDD to the best of your knowledge! I found it very helpful!

We did it!

Well it is official!...

I am pregnant!
I have been taking a pregnancy pretty much everyday since 8DPO and the line has slowly got darker and darker! It is still a faint pink like, but a line is a line! Second time lucky! I am so excited!
Due a baby 20th of May!!!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Am I seeing lines?

Well I am not sure!
I took a pregnancy test when I was 8DPO and got a Big Fat very White Negative!
So I took a pregnancy test yesterday - 10DPO and got a very very very faint line. DH eventually agreed to seeing it but then made off as if I was crazy and pretended to not see it after that. I could see it at any angle, right away within the appropriate time period but I could not manage to get a picture of it.
So my impatience has led me to take another test on a Clearblue this morning - 11DPO and I could see another very very faint line this time. DH says he can see it too but feels it is not conclusive of a Big Fat Positive. So I agree, I do not consider it conclusive.
Here it is anyhow. I think you can just about see it - right where it crosses over the most obviously blue line. eh? If you can't see it well there - try here. I have posted this on another forum and so far the other woman that have looked can see it as well. But I have been told to be wary for the blue line pregnancy tests. If it helps any, the line I think I can see appeared right away as soon as the pee touched it!

I am just hoping I am pregnant!...But am I hoping so much I am seeing lines?! Arrghh! For now, I do not consider this my BFP!...but we shall wait and see!
I will try to wait until Wed to test again! hehe

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Implantation spotting?

Could it be? - DPO 7!...I am in the appropriate time frame for it!... I have felt a dull ache (not comparable to period cramps) all day yesterday and a bit today as well! It's tiny I know!...I have put a pen dot next to it for size reference!
I wasn't very hopeful up till now. I have been checking my discharge since I've been in the 'implantation' window (thats 6-10 days after ovulation) I know I am totally over-analysing!...or am I?! I keep worrying it will fall out if I cough or if I am too hopeful, it will be taken away from me...Silly I know :(...
Please God let this be it!...Let there be a baby in there and stick baby stick!