Sunday, 28 February 2010

This weeks photo - 33+1!

Here it is. I think I am bigger. I think I will average out at a little bit bigger every week now really as baby just piles on the pounds and slowly grows a bit in length.

What happened this week:

Baby is able to hear and is becoming accustomed to family voices.
Baby's brain and nerves are developing fast, and directing bodily functions.
Baby should be head down. (and I think they are this week actually) 31 weeks' gestation 33 weeks from your LMP. Foetus length: 29cm crown to rump (40cm or 15¾ inches head to toe). Weight: about 1900g or 4lbs.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

OMG - its back!.... (I think?!)

So I think my 'morning sickness' is back. Or something is up. It is not exactly how it was the first few months of this pregnancy but something odd is going on with my body - again! lol
I get hungry, as we all do...I just don't feel like eating! And then when I think 'I should really eat something!' - I just don't know what to eat! Nothing takes my fancy. And then I do eat and just feel queazy. I think I have connected this queazy feeling to feeling tired as well so it must be 'm/s' ...again. Oh well.
This has to be a girl with all the trouble I am getting from this baby! hehe

Wednesday, 24 February 2010 thats a Braxton Hicks contraction!

So...I have been getting these odd random sensations in my 'bump' area. I figured, as it felt, that baby was just super stretching out or something. It kinda feels like I am about to pass some pretty serious wind (which isn't uncommon for me in pregnancy hehe!)...But I have recently noticed also that my bump gets super hard during that 'sensation'... And what do you know?! - Its a Braxton Hicks contraction! I never had them with DS and everyone has been talking about having them since they were like 15 weeks pregnant - I just figured I might just not get them! But there you have it! hehe

Sunday, 21 February 2010

This weeks photo - 32+1!

Another week...another photo! I know there has been some growth as I measure every week just for fun, but I can't really tell in this photo!

What happened this week:
Baby comforts herself by sucking a thumb. Grasp is well developed. Foetuses weighing 1500-2500g can survive but may face respiratory distress and other problems. 30 weeks' gestation 32 weeks from your LMP. Foetus length: 28cm crown to rump (39cm or 15¼ inches head to toe.) Weight: about 1700g.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Baby heater!

My baby heater has finally kicked in - or so it seems! It is very cold out there and has even snowed (again...) but I am just SO hot! Can't really remember when it kicked in with my first pregnancy - but then again, I was heavily pregnant through a rare (for England) very hot summer that year as well. I thought I would just die! So glad to not have to be heavily pregnant through a summer again!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

My MW appointment!

All still looking great! - Measuring exactly on track (31cm - for 31 weeks and 4 days pregnant!). Got me a wriggly one still - plenty of amniotic fluid so this baby is still able to move about quite a lot and would not stay in the same position - took the MW a good 10 minutes to work it out! hehe And...she not only remembered her pinard today - but also her watch (without me having to remind her at all!) - and got 140 for the heartrate. Which I think is about right as the last time I had a listen I got 144 beats per minute.
I also have an official date to go and see the head of midwifery - to discuss my 'risk assessment' (as I have declined to see a consultant) and to go over my 'birth plan' so that all the MWs there are aware of it (what I would like to happen, and what I don't want to happen!). They sound really organised!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

This weeks photo - 31+1!

So here we are again with this weeks photo...and I tell you, I actually look a bit bigger this week than last! Yikes! hehe You know, at first I thought doing a weekly photo would be a bit overkill. When I was pregnant with my son, I only did a photo every month. But you really can see many differences week to week - so I think it is just about right!

What happened this week:

Skin is slightly wrinkled and eyes are wide open. Good head of hair often present at this point. 29 weeks' gestation 31 weeks from your LMP. Length: 27.5cm crown to rump (37.5cm or about 14¾ inches head to toe). Weight: about 1500g.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Hiccups - and some more photos!

Another thing different from this bump than my sons bump is that the hiccups are much more...dainty! Now, I know it could really all be in my head. I am not using the word 'dainty' to imply that this has to be a girl bump...but they really are much more dainty than my sons ever were! Perhaps it has to do with the fact that this baby is just that much more 'average' in size (rather than always measuring a few weeks ahead! hehe) or that they are indeed heads now (and not breech)...or...I don't know! They are very different though! DH even got to feel them today!!! :D

And here are some nice photos - very fitting for the week seeing as how Valentines day is coming up soon! :D love! hehe

This weeks photo - 30+1!

OMG - 30 Weeks already! That means 10 weeks to go...give or take of course! Not long now!
Here is this weeks photo... I can see a bit of a difference but there was only 1/2 an inch growth this week.

And of course - for comparisons sake...10, 20, and 30 weeks pregnant photos compared!:

What happened this week:

Toenails now visible. Baby is developing a layer of fat under the skin and likes to suck her thumb. 28 weeks' gestation 30 weeks from your LMP. Foetus length: 27cm crown to rump (36cm or 14 inches head to toe). Weight: about 1300g or 3lbs.

3lbs! - Cor!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Birthing pool is here!

My very super wonderful friend (lets call her Yvi ;) hehe) bought a birthing pool (La Bassine) for the birth of her daughter in October last year. She has so very kindly let me borrow it for the use of this baby's birth! I feel so blessed and grateful to have such wonderful friends in the world!

I never actually pictured me giving birth in water - 'land' was always the more appealing of the two. But for some reason there is something about water that is luring me to its soothing effects - now that I am actually here, pregnant, due 'soon'. I know it will be a great help in natural pain relief during labour and childbirth. It could also provide a little fun! hehe

And wow! - This 'home stretch' seems much closer to home now! It really is not long until I get to meet this little being of mine that has spent the last many months growing inside of me! It feels like such a powerful thing having this wonderful piece of birthing equipment in my house (a baby was born in that!!!) ! hehe

Oh I am getting all excited now! I love pregnancy but can not wait to meet my baby!