Friday, 19 March 2010

My Goldfish Bowl

My son was big - well over 10lbs at birth. I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy with him and my diet could have been called 'neglectful' in all truth. I figured it was probably my diet and liefstyle that led me to grow such a big baby! ... I would do it differently next time around. I would eat healthy and exercise, etc. This could not only be helpful to my own state of health but also to the health of my baby. And perhaps, hopefully - produce a tiny little bundle of joy! hehe

But it's not looking that way. That is, this baby is not looking tiny. I am begining to believe that perhaps my body just grows big babies.

But if you have ever been in the position to suspect growing a large baby, you have probably also been faced with worries, fears and scaremongering for the impending birth because of this.

So I shall clear up a few facts. Well, I won't personally - but I found these links helpful, insightful and positive! (very important that last one!)

Big Babies!

Heck - they could be wrong!...This baby may surprise everyone and come out a very average for their gestational age! I can only wait and see.

Either way - my body will not grow a baby larger than it can birth.

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