Thursday, 18 March 2010

A heck of a MW apponitment!

So I had another MW appointment yesterday and it was quite a roller coaster of one!
First - I am suddenly measuring much more than I really am! 36 Weeks - measuring 41! Yikes!
Second - there was sugar in my urine.
So of course, the first worry is ...gestational diabetes! (especially considering my history with my son who was quite large himself)

I went back with a urine sample today though - and it is absolutly fine! Not a trace of anything out of the ordinary.

I have declined a glucose test. I only have a few weeks of pregnancy left and my diet is, on the whole, pretty great. The urine test itself does not rule out (or rule in!) gestational diabetes (GD) ...and a glucose test could be just as inaccurate. But either way, simply having a good diet seems to be working well for me - and if I did have GD, then that is all I could do anyhow!

You know - this could be one heck of a long blog post...but I really don't know where to start...or what to say! A lot of thought and research has gone into every decision I have made. I don't just do things on a whim!

I personaly feel, as much as I was hoping for a smaller baby this time around, that I perhaps just make big babies. I had a crap diet with my son and he was big...I am having a fanstic diet this time around and it appears that this baby is still going to be on the larger side!

Their concern with a big baby though is obviously that the baby might get stuck. I am confident in my bodies ability to 'sow what it reaps' - so to speak!

The good news is though - baby is not breech and are in a most ideal position! Thats a start I guess! hehe

Am seeing the head MW on Monday to do a 'risk assessment' and make up my birth plan (with them/their format - I already have one made of cours). I appreciate how organise they are. I hope they appreciate how much research I have done and how much trust and faith I have in my body and the job it has before it! I know that simply coming across confident and sure of myself will go a long way.

Of course - they are not actually sure there is one baby in there...and neither am I tbh! So I have agreed to a quick 10 second scan on Monday to confirm that there really is just one baby in there. The last thing I want (I know it is also the last thing the MWs want - but to heck with them! lol) is to go into labour, give birth...and find out I have more children then previously thought! (no one wants a surprise twin home birth after a c-section! lol)...Some people might be thrilled with the idea of twins, but I guess if that is the case for me, then I would like a few weeks to come to terms with that first! lol .... I think it is just one though...I hope its just one!

Not long now anyhow! :)

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