Sunday, 28 March 2010

Belly Casting

We did my belly casting today! With my sons pregnancy, we did it on my birthday (at 39 + weeks of pregnancy) and he was born exactly a week after! This time around I keep worrying that I won't have that long to wait and whilst I would be doing the belly casting in early labour (rather than not doing one at all! lol) - I would rather do it now whilst I am relaxed

and comfy and not rushed so we decided to do it today whilst we have the chance! hehe

I loved doing the belly casting last time and I loved it this time as well! It is so easy to do (though slightly messy) and I think worth it! I have my sons casting hung up on the wall in our bedroom and this one will go next to it once I seal it with a nice white gloss and throw a nice silk bow around it (similar to my sons).

I will have to do an updated post to show the two compared because the differences are amazing! You would almost think they were two different castings from two different people. And, though essentially they are two different people on the inside, I am just so surprised at how different they have turned out on the outside (cause I am still the same person! hehe) - but then my 'bump' shapes are very very different!

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Erin said...


You prob dont remember me but we were on the June 09 birth board together and i just saw a post you made on mothering. SOOO happy to hear that you are pregnant again and due soon. I had an amazing HBAC in July and I'm sending lots of clear fluid, happy baby, gentle birthing vibes your way!