Friday, 19 March 2010

Centering myself

I have been pretty stressed and offbalance the past few days. Most of this is due to my current state of mind - of feeling there just isn't enough time left for me to do everything I had planned to do before this baby is born! Perhaps that is also my bodies way of saying 'hey - this baby plans on arriving a bit earlier than your due date' (and I really do feel that this is the case - I am not talking an 'early' baby, I think we are past that! - But deff around the 38 week mark rather than 40+!). I haver also been phyiscally feeling unwell - perhaps more so becasue of the stress? But, either way, it has left me feeling drained and stressed. Add that with my MW appointment that I had on Wednesday and we suddenly have a mix for disaster! It was only a few days ago, but looking back now, I suddenly feel like laughing at it all. I was nearly thrown off track there! I have had some time to research and relfect and feel much more calm and centred and in control now. This is a great relaxation technique for centering myself. I also find that flower/crystal essesces (these are great for my son as well!) really help too!

I need to listen to my body. I need to be in control. I need to let nature do its job. All of this is very important to remember. I need to face reality and let any of those 'medical' fears go (this includes not surrounding myself by others fears for me). Pregnancy is a natural body state for woman - for is not an 'illness'. My body knows how to work and it does not need 'fixing'.

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