Thursday, 17 September 2009

Two Months today - and the 'MW'...

I am two months pregnant today! (9+5)
So I thought I would call and make an appointment with the midwife (MW)... And what a circus that was!
First I call our local medical centre and speak to a woman at the reception. She says I need to see the doctor first and as we are out all day today she suggested I call back tomorrow to schedule that. So I think 'okay' and hang up. But wait a mintue... That wasn't sitting right with me. Why do I need to see the 'doctor' - this has nothing to do with them. So I call back and its a different lady on the phone and I tell her I just called and what I was told and asked her why I have to see the doctor. She said it was to confirm the pregnancy. I thought. I explained to her that we have been trying for a very long time and I am already nearly 10 weeks pregnant and that I thought it was a bit silly and a bit of a waste of time and NHS money just to have me pee in a cup to confirm this pregnancy. She told me that she could have the on-call doctor call me to explain the procedure. I said that was okay, and as she said it wouldn't take long to do (that is, come down and pee in a cup to 'confirm' things), I could just come down and pee in a cup to make them happy if thats what she wanted. She insisted that I speak to the on-call doctor though and ended saying that he might be able to sort it out over the phone (well lady, if you want confirmation, they can't do that over the phone! lol). He called shortly after. At least he laughed when I told him I felt it was a bit silly and a bit of a waste of time to have me come down there just to pee in a cup! Perhaps he agreed. We sorted it all out on the phone in a matter of mintues (he simply asked me when the first day of my last period was, I also explained to him about how I was using Fertility Friend and based on cycle length and day of ovulation am choosing to go by the EDD that FF has given me - which is the 17th of April! :D - and he asked if I had any other children and how the pregnancy/birth went - and that was that!) and the MW will sort it all out from here on out.
I wonder when my first appointment will be! I know she is only in one day a week and I think that is a Thursday in our area. We shall see!
I know I was not planning on bothering seeing her until after my first trimester as I did not see much point (being as I plan on having no scans, doppler, or any blood tests) but I have decided to see her early because I think it will be good for our relationship - these things take time to build. As I am planning on an HBAC, I feel this is important. It will also mean, that if I don't think we are connecting well (and this should be evident within the first few apponitments), that I will then have time to hire myself a doula. So I am looking forward to meeting the MW in our area! I am told she is pretty alternative, so here is hoping for a fabulous relationship!
I already have butterflies in my tummy! - I do not do well with confrontation and can come across very tactless and rude through such a process. I am just no good at fighting with words! I hope I do not have to fight to have the birth I want, need and that this baby and I deserve! Breath....

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