Monday, 28 September 2009

No more M/S! (at least for now)

I suddenly realised that I am no longer feeling queazy during the day! I am also not as picky with my food, but do have cravings that I just have to go with.
My boobs on the other hand are still tender. I was going to post about this a few days ago. They are not as tender as they were the first 9 weeks. But then suddenly the past few days they became even more tender, and itchy! They are not itchy today but still pretty tender. They tend to be even more tender in the evening and through the night which makes sleeping a bit uncomfortable.
And speaking of sleeping - bliss! Now that I have a pillow between my legs that is! I thought of doing this last night and I was able to go the whole night without sore hips! My left hip has been bothering me in the night. I think I must have slept on it wrong and have just not been able to shake it. But the pillow seems to be helping a lot!

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