Saturday, 5 September 2009


I can not believe it! - I am here...8 WEEKS!!! Woop! (and my little babystrology nectarine has changed shape again!)
Now, the question is...when to make my first midwife appointment. Midwives will see you from 9 weeks onwards in this area. There really is no point to make one now though, and probably not much point to make one until I am over 12 weeks pregnant. This is because I am not having any scans or blood tests and they can't really do much to check on baby before then anyhow (and unlike in America, they do not do internal scans here until you are in labour!). But, it might be an idea to go in early just to create the relationship with our local midwife. An NHS midwife is probably not as personal as an independent midwife would be, but we do live in a fairly rural area, so it should be more personal than when we lived in Bristol and I never saw the same midwife twice (let alone, the midwife that was even 'assigned' to me!) - considering there is only one midwife in this area (though, due to shifts and all of that, she may not be the MW I see when I am actually in labour). I am told the MW's in this area are pretty 'alternative' though, so I am looking forward to that. I know seeing a MW sooner would certainly make this pregnancy much more real to me - but I am still not sure how much point there will be in that. I know during a second pregnancy, they do not see you as often as they did if it were your first - but being so long after having my first and living in a new area, maybe they will see me more often throughout the pregnancy. Who knows! - Won't really know until I do something about it though right!?!

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