Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Saw the MW today - Best appointment EVER! :D

I met my MW for the first time today (and her student!) - Both of them were really lovely! I can only remember the MW's name - Sally (but maybe thats because I knew it before hand! hehe...I am so rubbish at remembering names!).
It was what they call the 'booking appointmet' which means they just cover all the basics (and they include some things I have refused, such as blood tests - though they would be happy if I had my iron checked very near to my due date and I am happy to provide this as well - and scheduling any scans). It happens to be the longest appointment I will get though because of this. They cover medical history, all of that kind of stuff. They also talk about any previous children, their pregnancies and births and wishes for this pregnancy and birth. They were very supportive of my wishes for this pregnancy and birth.... In fact, so much so I am still in shock about it!!!
First, they did not bat an eyelid at anything I 'refused' that is usually standard procedure. The MW, Sally, did encourage her student to become comfortable in questioning me with 'why' though. I was only too happy to provide my answers which suited them and they also both fully agreed with!
One of the main things I have declined was to see a consultant. Most people are told they have to see a consultant if they want a HB or what is considered a 'high risk' pregnancy (such as mine - due to the fact that DS was born via C-section)...I am not sure why else, but basically a consultant 'consults' the 'patient' and 'informs' them of the risks invovled due to their particular case (such as for me = uterine rupture).
I explained I did not want to see a consultant because I have heard a lot of negative things about consultants (woman being made to cry, told they were stupid, putting themselves in needless danger, etc - Lies, all lies and totally unsupportive and far from informative!). It would only stress me and I would become very defensive - both things I did not desire during pregnancy. My MW agreed with me on this! (shock!!!) She said that the consultant would only try and convince me to go into hospital and that having any other type of birth (such as HB) would be dangerous, whilst she believed that (due to familiar environment, being able to be more mobile and in control and comfortable) that I would have a higher success rate at a vaginal birth if I were to birth at home. She says she fully supports my choice for a home birth! (shock shock shock!!!). I guess I expected her to be a bit more 'mainstream' but I have been told that the MWs in this area are much more 'alternative' in their whole approach.
She said because I do not want to see a consultant I will not be under consultant care but rather under the midwifery care (as all the MW's in the area are part of the midwifery unit in Stroud). I am very pleased and so happy (ly unexpected) to hear this!
Oh - we also covered some other stuff that many mothers might not be thinking about right now (especially first time mothers) - and if that is the case, I think the idea is to get them thinking about it sometime soon before its too late! hehe... One of these things was my breastfeeding issues with DS and his tongue tie. She has informed that there is a MW in their unit trained in this and that they can have her come out, hopefully, the day my baby (if not, the next) is born to sort it out (snip snip snip) so that it does not cause any breastfeeding problems for us! This is such fab news!
This whole appointment has just made my whole year! They congratulated me on my pregnancy, were very happy to meet me and we are all looking forward to meeting up again when I am 16 weeks pregnant (so late October).

It went very well indeed I should say!!!

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Emma said...

I'm soooo happy that you had such a postive firt appointment... What a wonderful woman your MW is.

Now you can concentrate on enjoying your pregnancy and looking forward to each stage.. throughout and after.

Big hugs to you.