Saturday, 12 September 2009

Baby Record Book

I saw a 'Baby's First Year' record book in a chairty shop today - obviously unused. But it was prefect and only £1.50 so I bought it!!! What makes it so perfect you ask? Well, it is obviously an 'old' version one - and thats why. Meaning, there is not spot for 'hospital bracelet' and no spot for 'baby's first scan picture' - etc. There is however, a spot for 'inoculations' - but it is lumped together with a bunch of other stuff, so whilst they will stay blank - it won't be such a huge empty area in the book. Because if I bought any other baby record book, a lot of it would include such things and therefore, a lot of it would remain rather empty! The photo sections of the books are also nice full pages. With my sons record book (we got him a lovely Peter Rabbit one), the photo sections of the book were all odd shapes and sizes, which meant we had to print out a lot of the photos to fit specifically. This book will be much easier to throw together, and with a lot of stuff of no use to use already left out, will also be nice and full at the end of their first year!

9 Weeks today!!! Yay! :D

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