Monday, 7 September 2009

This weeks photo - 8+1!

So here is this weeks photo! - I am finally past the 8 week mark! Miscarriage rates have now dropped to 5%. This one is a keeper - grow little nectarine grow!

What happened this week:

From head to rump, the embryo is now 9mm long. Baby's upper lip is formed. Baby's upper limbs bend at their new elbows. The external ear is beginning to form. Digital rays (early fingers) are developing. The embryo is now 13-16mm (½ inch).

So not much, but I have been very tired this week, so it certainly has taken a lot out of me to develop this little nectarine of mine! hehe I also think that the 'sizes' they give (of how big ones embryo is) is an 'average' and not always accurate. There is a woman in the same DDC as me that has a scan at 6 weeks and her baby was already 9mm by then!

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Jay said...

Yay! Those early weeks are so so nerve wracking... Only four more and you're out of the first trimester (well, a little over four, since it starts at just over 13 weeks) but hey - not long! Then the second trimester will just fly by, and the third will be here before you know it and then...well! :D XXXXx