Monday, 27 October 2008

My Appointment

Well I just got back this morning from seeing the GP who is a fertility specialist.
Nothing special really but he has booked me in for some blood tests (a lot actually - he said if I am not anemic when I go in, I will be when I leave!). But I have to wait until I have a period as these tests need to be done between CD 3-5 so I need to call in when I get a period and book the blood tests then.
He said the most likely think he could think it is is PCOS...whatever that is. But that we won't really know anything until the blood tests come through and I can find out those results about 10 days after they are done as a few of them are really complex and take a bit longer than the rest. He said that if anything else shows up, most likely it will be something that can easily be fixed as clearly I am ovulating and we are having successes, but they are just not staying put!
So really...I am back to waiting but lets hope theres something there because then I feel I can do something about it, and it can easily be fixed then and then maybe a baby will decide to stay put!!!

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