Saturday, 18 October 2008

Thinking of a Doula

Well...more like searching for one now!
Last night I started to think about the possibility of a doula. DH said 'maybe' and that usually means yes. This morning, it is more of a reality. I just have to find one now!
I am going to email all the doulas available in our area to see if I can find one that is right for our family. DH is a wonderful husband and father and will be a great support to me, but a doula can offer me more of what I need and that is something that my DH has to worry about less as well. So we can all be happy in the end!
I will stick with a 'trainee' doula as they can charge no more than £150 for a birth and that is within our budget.
I can't wait to see which doula we find!!!

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