Friday, 10 October 2008

Could it be implantation spotting?!!!

So today I was having some cramping. I have been having some cramping for the past few that general area ...but it always just turns out to be gas! Well no gas today but still some slight cramping. Then this afternoon I felt rather ill - 'morning sickness' kinda ill. A friend I ran into even said I looked kinda pail and I told her I was feeling kinda ill and she immediatly though 'good luck! - Lets hope this is it!'...I am begining to feel the same.

It doesn't help that I come home to use the toilet only to find this!...

Just like my implantation spotting last time! A tiny bit of fresh blood in clear creamy cervical fluid! I never get fresh blood when AF is around the corner. I get spotting, but my AF spotting (even my m/c spotting the day before) is more of a brown creamy cervical fluid followed by the next day of full on bleeding.

So...I think this might be it!!! I am crossing everything and hoping and praying and trying to think positive and be happy! I really really hope I have a growing little bundle of baby in there. And I so hope that this time I have a baby that sticks!

Sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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