Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Feeling crappy

I took a pregnancy test - and it was a negative. I know I know...I am only 8DPO. But at least last time I got what looked almost like an evap line so I had some hope then. My symptoms are also just too different this cycle around. The only symptom I think I can actually count on right now is my cervix and cervical fluid - which is high and creamy at the moment and I do believe that is at least a good sign. However, I kinda knew I was going to have a miscarriage last cycle when my cervix dropped the day before I started bleeding heavily but it is usually up and down and up and down during the 2ww when AF is on her right now I feel I am just waiting for it to drop because I do not think we have been lucky this cycle. I was thinking it might be my progesterone. If I am not pregnant this cycle, I will add progesterone cream to my list of TTC pic n' mix I think. Just need to find some at a reasonable price now!
The only odd extra symptom I have this month that I have never had is itchy boobs!...No idea what that could mean though. They itch on the inside though, not an itch that I can really itch, if that makes any sense. Like how a wound itches when it is healing.
I will not be temping for a few days to help take my mind off things as temping really can not tell me anything right now anyhow. I will try and hold out until at least Friday to take another test. If that shows no glimmer of hope, then I will try and wait until next Tuesday which is when my period should be 'due'.

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