Monday, 13 October 2008


So far this pregnancy is very different! (especially considering my last pregnancy was only just a month ago!) For starters, I had no clue (and because of that, no hope) about being pregnant (based on symptoms alone here). My symptoms were all mixed up. An equal amount of 'I could be pregnant' and '...nope, AF is just around the corner!'. Signs that I were sure were positive pregnancy signs last cycle are not really showing up this cycle. My nipples are not sore at all! I have tender breasts, but that is nothing new around this time of the month. Also, my cervix is not so high and creamy. I feel it as sort of middle ground with very little creamy cervical fluid. I think the only real conclusive pregnancy evidence is the colour of my nipples...but even I am not sure if that is just in my head! hehe (I think the are a few shades darker!)
I hope the fact that it is very different from the last pregnancy is a very good thing!
Sticky sticky sticky!!! :)

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