Sunday, 5 October 2008

Anovulatory + Crosshairs...

Well, here I was thinking that this just might be my first anovulatory cycle but then FF just gave me crosshairs on my chart this morning! I still feel a bit 'iffy' about it but I do think that FF might be correct as it has been rather chilly these past few nights and my temp more resembles a post-O temp because I slept with extra blankets on as I couldn't put up with the uncomfortable cold anymore! (I slept wonderfully too because of it! hehe). I still am not feeling very positive for this cycle though. I am having a lot of mixed up stuff so here it is:

Signs for me ~ I am craving savories such as cheese and pasta. Sensitive nipples. Clear skin, despite being oily this morning I have no spots! My skin was very clear during my pregnancy with Duncan. No bloating. I am not feeling or looking the slightest bit bloated which I always do pre-AF. My cervical fluid went straight to creamy from egg whites. It usually goes dry then creamy pre-AF.
Signs against me ~ My face was kinda oily this morning which it usually is when AF is around the corner. I am also craving chocolate which I usually do pre-AF. Sore breasts, could be either for or against me sign though but I normally always have sore breasts pre-AF as well.
Confusions ~ I am not gassy, and I usualy am either way. I am also not sure how much I can trust my cycle post m/c. Besides my temps seeming to be all over the place, my ovulation (if I did indeed ovulate at all) and fertile signs (cervix and membranes) are all pretty much as usual! I want to be hopeful but I also do not want to fall into the naive trap again. I have read and been told that one is more fertile after a m/c but I don't want to just bet on that.
As usually though...either way, I will only just have to wait and see I guess won't I!

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