Sunday, 9 November 2008

Taking a Break

I never understood how anyone could actually 'take a break' from TTC - But I understand it now. We obviously have to wait at the moment because I have to wait until I get a period so that I can schedule those blood tests that have to be done on a certain day of my cycle (day 3-5 roughly). I do not see this happening until beginning/mid December. I am only now just having some ewcm - so I do not think I have ovulated yet. I have not temped at all since the miscarriage. If you could call this a 'cycle', I am on CD 16. So I will not ovulate much later than normal. If the blood tests come back in time, and nothing shows up out of the ordinary, we could technically try this December. It was the original plan at the beginning of the year. But, as much as I would love another Virgo (Duncan and I both being wonderful Virgos ourselves), I am not sure how I feel about having another September (or near that time) birthday - really for the sake of Duncan (having his own birthday month and all, if you know what I mean). Duncan and I are also having some struggle at the moment as well. I guess it is never 'easy' no matter what age your child is, but this is something a bit deeper I would like for us to work on at the moment.
So...we are waiting which will eventually end up being us taking a break. How long for, I do not know right now. I guess I am just taking every day a day at a time. However, we will not be using any protection if the mood arises from December onwards, so if we fall lucky then I will be very blessed and thankful (no matter when my baby is due to be born!).

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