Sunday, 19 October 2008

Another doula down but slightly more promising...

I got another email this morning from another doula I enquired about and the distance is an issue for her as well (all the doulas available to me are going to be a distance away from me though - not counting the unafordable doula that is only 6 miles away from me, they start out at 15 miles +). On the plus side, this is looking positive for my future career as a doula...hehe. If doulas are going to be sought after in my area, I am going to be the most affordable available one around! :p
I find it kinda ironic that I made a short mental list, just based on profle and website (for those that had one) whom I thought I would prefer and in which order and so far that is how they have emailed me! hehe Doula Emma was the first to email me and Doula Rachel was the second. She also has a website and sounds lovely! (I think most doulas must be lovely! hehe) Distance is an issue for her as well, but it looks a bit more promising as she did say that if I am unable to find a doula then perhaps I could get back to her and we could arrange something. This is probably going to end up being the case.

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