Thursday, 25 September 2008

TTC (post m/c) Pic n' Mix

Time to rattle and roll! hehe...Here is the latest TTC pic n' mix for both DH and I! So here it is - cycle #3:

Hers (thats me again :p hehe) - From Left to right:
The first is Omega 3: This is great for your body and potential growing baby. It has been shown in studies to prevent miscarriage. What I want and need!
The second is 'hers' Sanatogen 'pronatal' vitamin designed for women during TTC!
The third is Vitamin B complex: Increases fertility - so they say!
The fourth is Vitamin E: Just good for skin!
The fifth is folic acid: Just to be on the safe side!

His (DH that is!) - From Left to Right:
The first is the same Omega 3 I am taking.
The second is Vitamin C: Because he smokes.
The third is 'his' Sanatogen 'pronatal': The 'other half' :p
The fourth is the same Vitamin B Complex: For good luck :p
The fifth is Zinc!: For good sperm production and mobility!
The sixth is the same Folic Acid: For more good luck! :p

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