Monday, 12 October 2009

Still looking good! :D

When I went for my MW appointment a few weeks ago, they were short on booking forms. The MW had to write everything down into a little notebook and informed me that she would be able to get a booking form in by the next week at the earliest and would leave it for me at the reception desk of our medical centre. So today my DS and I walked down to see if it was there and if it was, to pick it up. ...and it was! So I now have my 'Maternity Servies, Pregnancy and Birth Notes' booking form. I have had time to sit down and go through it and I am very happy about what I see! All the 'homebirth' boxes are ticked. So its clear I am having one. (having - not 'planning' ...lets be positive ladies!) And under the 'Antenatal Summary - Comments and investigations' it says: Booked at Surgery. Bloods and screening discussed, declined ALL bloods and scans. Also declined consulation referral for prev LSCS, consent obtained for Risk Assesment with Supervisor at Stroud Maternity. Signed and Dated.
So - at least I get to escape the scare of death and hospital antics around the natural process of pregnancy and labour and giving birth! Despite pessimism in some people I know - looks like 'they' are still on 'my side'.

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