Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Books for Children - about pregnancy and birth!

I got myself three books about pregnancy and child birth (specifically homebirth). I think I might have to post about these books individually. I will start with my sons favourite of the lot which is just about pregnancy and the growing baby!

It is a pretty large book but it has to be...

The book has nine pages (it goes over every month of growth and devlopment!). On the left side is about the growth of the baby. This includes fun facts, such as how big the baby currently is (like as big as an orange, melon, pineapple, etc - which can make it fun to go out and buy so your child can get a feel for how big the baby inside your tummy - though they do go over that the baby is inside the 'womb' - actually is!) and things like how many times the baby pees and when it can blink, etc...

Followed by the right side of the page which is a picture of a tummy with the growing baby, how it looks and its actual size at that stage in pregnancy. You can hold it up to your own growing tummy as you read the page aplicable.

The last page - at 9 months gestation- is fold out.

My son loves this book because it is so involving and because of all the fun facts. He likes me to read it to him again and again because he finds these things so interesting. It is his favourite book of the three. The other two are really lovely and nice and cover some important things about the birth (which I feel is important as he is going to be in the house at the time) - but they are not as fun and invovling - they are just nice stories. I still recommend them of course!

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