Thursday, 15 October 2009

Coffee Alternatives

In pregnancy, it seems then and only then do I crave coffee and tea (though mostly coffee). I have no idea why this is as these are not drinks that I drink any other time in my life (or really have any desire to)! But as tea and coffee generally are caffinated, they are not something I wish to consume during pregnancy (or really any other time in my life either). I also do not fancy the 'decaffinated' stuff and would prefer to go for a natural alternative instead.

So I discovered 'Dandelion Coffee'. It arrived the other day and I have to tastes nothing like coffee! So in that respect I am a bit disapointed. However, it does taste like tea! And as a drink in general - it tastes great! Plus, it is 100% dandelion and 100% natural, so as a drink itself for the properties of dandelions - it is also great! Dandelions are great for digestion and, later in pregnancy, great for helping with water retention. If this pregnancy resembles anything that it did when I was pregnant with my son, then anything to help with water retention will be greatly appreciated! hehe

Next - I shall try Teeccino. Which apparently does taste like coffee! (I hope so!)

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