Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Another great MW appointment! :D

Had my second MW appointment this morning. It went well! She did joke my 'birth plan' was a bit of a novel but was impressed by how organised it was (no - seriously hehe). She also seemed to think nothing of the fact that I planned to eat my placenta and told me about this course they did on 'Lotus Birth'. Lotus birth is in my birth plan, but only in emergency situations. She did wonder if I planned to do both but I don't think its a good idea to consume a piece of meat thats been sitting out for a week or more. I feel consuming the placenta will be most benefitial if all things go peacfully to plan but that a LB will be best for my baby if any emergencies arise.
She had a feel of my uterus as well and all is measuring just fine! She also showed me how to feel for it too. :)
My next appointment is scheduled a few weeks into December.
I am looking forward to that!

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