Sunday, 4 October 2009

First Outfit

I am far too organised. First, my element is wood, second I am a Virgo and also...I suffer from a bit of O.C.D (though honestly, its only my DH who suffers from this...He can not stand my constant cleaning and organising!).
Well...Argos are having a weekend sale. They often have sales, but what they have on sale is so random. The planned wardrobe that we were going to buy for my DH and this baby to share (as we are limited to space) is one of those things currently on sale! So we bought it! Which also meant I was able to put the babies first lot of clothes in its drawers! I also have the first outfit picked out too! It is nothing fancy and very plain but I can already feel a little bundle of warmth in these clothes (big on ebay, so I tend to get a lot of stuff for bargains hehe). I can not wait to snuggle my baby in them!

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