Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Kidney Yang deficiency

I saw my accupuncturist for the end of my first trimester last Friday. I will not be seeing her again until I am halfway through this pregnancy at the begining of December! There is no special reason for this. I would see her more if I could afford it (or wanted to afford it really) but I also want to see her throughout this whole pregnancy so I have picked out a few key point dates such as the 20 week mark and end of trimester. At my last appointment we discussed my 'kidney yang' deficiency. She said that there were foods that could help balance me out between accupuncture appointments. A small list of foods can be found here - though I am sure I could google more as my accupuncturist had a huge list. Unfortunatly, a large part of that list is meat and I am a vegetarian! I have however noticed that jasmine tea is on that list so will be getting some this weekend as that sounds really nice and drinking hot drinks this time of year helps to keep me warm (as these things do hehe!)
In short, I have learned that accupuncture is part of a bigger whole. A way of life. The theory is, if your body is in balance, then everything can work as it should and as efficiently as it should - and if it is not, then it will not. Accupuncture can help balance your body, as what you eat and how you live can as well. - Makes sense to me! :)

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