Saturday, 3 October 2009

12 WEEKS!!!

OMG - I am 12 WEEKS pregnant already!!! So so happy to still be here!!!

I am feeling great as well. I now have a noticable bump. Apparently people have been talking about me...they are all very suspicious! hehe I guess I can start randomly spreading the news around the world. Most all my close friends and family know, but not anyone else yet. I will also need to let my employers know, but that will not be an issue. The church (where I clean) already knows and my weekend job knows we were going to try for a baby (and I have permission to take baby to work with me when I return - it is a domestic care job for the elderly so stuff I do at home anyhow) and my other job is a nanny, one more child will not make a difference! hehe

I am also bumping into things now! My tummy has deffinately expanded past my 'normal' point! I also got my first tummy rub from a close friend yesterday. I do not mind at all. I find it such a wonderful and intimate thing to share and it was just lovely. I felt so loved and I felt that this little baby inside of me is well loved already too!
And its October! - It is really already Autumn. This is my favourite time of year. I just love everything about it. I love wrapping up that much warmer, but not uncomfortably 'frumpy' just yet. I love the smell of autumn, the feel of the sun in the sky, the breeze, the trees, (and Halloween of course!)...everything!!!
Another few weeks and I will be out of my first trimester! :D

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