Saturday, 10 October 2009


Last night I had my first baby dream! It might have been triggered by a close friend of mine giving birth to her baby girl this Thursday. But up until now I have not had a single baby dream! ...and strangely enough, DH has already had two dreams about this baby!
As soon as I knew I was pregnant with DS, I was having dreams about him. Well, it wasn't him - but I was having baby dreams. In my dream with him, it was always a little girl with long straight black hair, blue eyes, and freckles in a blue dress. Besides the blue eyes, that is not even a possible child for us! hehe
Last night I also dreamt I had a little girl. My dream took place in a maternity unit (and not at home). I got to pick my room. I was in mild labour when I arrived but shortly after my waters broke naturally, the baby came down quick and was out pretty quick too. I got to see her crowing and picked her up when the rest of her came out straight to my chest. She was so dark blue at first but soon pinked up. I had no idea it was a girl at this point. The MW cut the cord right away (which is something I would also not be happy with IRL), but when she did that I had a look and it was a girl! Her face looked just like my DS's when he was born as well - spitting image though her head was more elongated rather than round! I felt all fumbly trying to feed her as well. But I was happy.
And that was my first dream about this baby! Which probably means it will be a boy! hehe

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