Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Books for Children - Cont.

The last book I got my son (and his second favourite book of all) is called 'Hello Baby' by Jenni Overend and Julie Vivas.

This book is absolutly lovely. In fact, I have a hard time not tearing up whilst reading it to him! hehe It is another home birth book about a little boy (one of already three other children) who gets another baby brother.

The pictures are beautiful and done in a very soft way and there are some photos that portray birthing in a more realistic light without being offensive or 'scary' at all about the process. I think it is good that they include them though, so that the child knows that this is what happens when a baby is born - where the baby comes out and how, etc. It also talks about preparing for the baby, how mummy is having pains in her tummy which means the baby is ready to be born and how 'mum' goes for a walk to help the baby come along and people that might arrive at the house to help bring the baby into the world (such as the midwife) when mum goes into labour. It also talks about how 'mummy' leans on dad every now and then and how sometimes she yells and screams to help the baby come along and for her to feel better during that process - how these things are normal and nothing to worry about. They are expressed in a funny light as well - the boy telling the story thinks the whole world will know he is getting a baby brother or sister that night because of how loud his mummy is yelling! hehe The whole book just puts the whole 'birthing' process in a peacful and 'normal part of life' kind of light with a family who is obviously very close and all members very much loved. The last page shows the whole family sleeping together by the fire.

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