Sunday, 20 December 2009

This weeks photo - 23+1!

So here it is - and you can see the upward shift. Well - at least I can! Not that attractive from the side - I do like the view from the front though because you can see how it is still very much an 'up front' kinda bump. My bump is looking a bit more up and down rather than sticky-out because of the upward shift...I think...

I wonder if my tummy button will pop out this time. With my pregnancy with DS, it just went very flat! hehe

What happened this week:
Fine downy hair called lanugo now covers baby's body; eyebrows are visible. Testes in boys begin to descend; ovaries in female babies are present against their posterior abdominal wall. 21 weeks' gestation 23 weeks from your LMP. Foetus length: 20cm crown to rump (28cm or 11 inches head to toe). Weight: about 500g.

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