Saturday, 12 December 2009

Gestational Diabetes Diet

I did not have GD when I was pregnant with my son (this was checked many times).
However - I did gain a fair amount of weight (6 stone exactly) - and my son was a pretty big baby (near 10 and a half pounds! lol).
So I have decided that the best thing to do, is to go for a diet plan that is suitable for those with GD - just to be on the safe side!

I am no pro at this at all - it is all new to me. But it looks like the basics are no sugar - non at all. I am using Xylitol as a sugar replacment that is natural (unlike sweeteners) yet suitable for diabetics. High protein (which I should be having anyhow as I am pregnant) - and small meals spaced out throughout the day to keep my metablolism working (preventing any insulin overloads) - even more improtant during pregnancy due to all the mad hormones rushing through my body - diabetic or not! This site is good for some basic info I have found - but its a lot to take in at once so will take awhile reading it over a variety of days for it all to sink and me to feel like I have found my feet with it all a bit more.

I have got the small meals throughout the day thing down as I am naturally a grazer. Big meals a few times a day are not my thing. They never really have been.

Breakfast is also sorted! I am having eggs with fresh fruit and veg and lots of nuts and some yoghurt - topped of course with my favourite veggie condiment of yeast flakes! So all high protein and the carbs are well balanced.

I will also treat myself to Boots range of diabetic goodies because there is no way I can go without something like chocolate or cake for the duration of this pregnancy! hehe

I am also lazy - I have to admit it. I am all about the quick fix! You will not find me in the kitchen whipping up meals all day long. This diet will be hard for me. I like cakes...I like my sugar and I like my ready to eat and go foods! But there are some things that can help me on the way - such as a 100% casein protein powder (or perhaps a more natural based protein powder such as hemp protein powder). I can add this to my almond milk alternernative - a nut milk! Another great way to get in some nut protein. I like nuts, but I don't like munching on them all that often if I am honest! I will also be making batches of easy to make things like bean salads that I can snack on throughout the day.

So...we shall see! Here is to small - or at least normal sized babies! hehe

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