Thursday, 17 December 2009

Herbs and stuff!

So I have been thinking about what herbs/tinctures/homeopathic remedies/etc that I will need in preparation for the birth and afterwards. Getting my list together. So far, it is not a big one. I am finished with my Burdock Root and nearly finished weaning myself off the Agnus Castus as well. So onto the next list! So far I have:

RRL - Red Raspberry Leaf tea and/or capsules. I can only drink so much tea during the day so the capsules might just be handier to have around. I will wait though until I am 30 weeks to start this. It is for toning the uterus (that big muscle that will help birth my baby! hehe). So also handy to continue taking after the baby is born (for getting it back down to size and for just keeping it in general good health!).

Nettle - Great for iron! (would buy this in tea form)

Dandelion root - Great if you have water retention. I had loads when I was pregnant with DS, but I also did gain a lot and he was a pretty big baby as well. So I will only buy this as needed. Not too hard to get. Good ol' H&B!

Arnica - 200c. This will be taken every few hours once in labour and after the baby is born. It can help with general aches and pains, bruising and afterpains. I currently have some of this on its own but am considering buying the labour/childbirth homeopathic kit that includes many other homeopathic remedies that are handy to have around. 'Considering' only because I have been offered this twice but have not recieved it as of yet, so may need to splash out and buy it if I still have no news come March at the lastest I feel.

Motherwort - I will buy this in tincture form. I have bought from G Baldwin & Co. before and am pleased with their products and service so will get all my tinctures from them again as well. Motherwort is good for after the baby is born. It can help with releasing the placenta and with afterpains as well.


Shepherds Purse - Also in tincture form. This is for after the placenta has been birthed as it can stop any unwanted bleeding (such as hemorrhaging). Might not need it, but worth having around (its not like it is terribly expensive or anything!)

and I think thats about it for now!

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