Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Another great MW appointment!...

Had another MW appointment today - my third so far - and all is going well! It was another great MW appointment! She seems really pleased to see me and kept commenting on how well I looked and how I just come across as just really enjoying pregnancy! (I do I do! hehe) - I think she must have had a few appointments that were otherwise! hehe
Everything is fine - of course! Baby measuring fine as well! She forgot her pinard though and was actually rather disapointed about that because she thinks my bump would be perfect for her to listen easily...which will be great for her student as well as she has not had experience in the use of a pinard as most people want doppler use 'these days' (she says).
The biggest thing really is sorting out all this maternity pay. Mostly because I am both employed and self-employed. So that will just make it all a bit more complicatd. Oh well...
So all is well! - Will see her next in the new year!

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