Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Early Visable Kicks!

Baby has been going wild all yesterday, and today (woke me up to a wonderful dance)! I got some pretty 'woah!' kicks all throughout the day yesterday...so whilst in the bath, I thought I would try and record what I could see as well...yes! - I could actually see the baby moving!

They are kinda hard to see though, so you need some patience and pay attention! hehe.... I swear they looked bigger with the naked eye that anything this camera caught but they are there...if you look closely! hehe

So here it is:

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Jay said...

Heheeh! Yep! I got the first visible and feelable kick from Bella at 16.5 weeks, believe it or not! She kicked me in the finger, and then when I told Harry to put his hand on the belly, she kicked him in the hand as well! Now she kicks madly :D You're looking fab! XxX