Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Pregnancy differences

It's fun to sit here and think about the differences between this pregnancy and the pregnancy with my son. I don't think one or the other suggests either sex though. I simply think they are difference because well...they are different!

The first noticable difference is my cravings. When I was pregnant with my DS, my cravings were longer lasting. Almost by trimester. For the first trimester I craved a lot of fresh fruit and eggs! It was mostly just fresh fruit in the second trimester - I was eating a punnet of strawberries a day or more! And then for the third trimester it was salty and sour so popcorn and lemons were on my cravings list!

This baby is certainly more picky! Whilst I am having deffinate cravings, they come and go - sometimes by meal but mostly by week. I have gone from craving burritos to salad to watermelon to pork chops...

Which reminds me - as a vegetarian, I do not eat meat. Even when I am craving it. This baby craves pork chops whilst Duncan craved salmon! hehe

The second most noticable difference is the way they move. My son was a kicker. He was never very active but he kicked. This one is more of a roller. They don't do much kicking but they certainly like to roll which is such an odd feeling!!! Especially when they completely roll around in a 360 degree way. It's like having a giant bubble of gas within me - that isn't gas at all!

I will also add that I think the third most noticable (or not so noticable to anyone but me hehe) is my bump shape. With my son I was certainly all over the place but this bump seems to be neat and right out in front.

Will be interesting to see how this pregnancy progresses! I can't wait to meet my baby! hehe

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