Sunday, 29 November 2009

My first BOY dream - Ever!

Last night I had my first boy dream!!!...ever! I never even had a boy dream when I was pregnant with DS - Not even after I knew he was a boy! So thats a first for me!
In my dream, everything went as planned. I was just so happy to have birthed and finally to meet my baby that I totally forgot to check if we had a son or daughter! hehe ...It wasn't until after my placenta had been birthed and after I even remembered that I had made my own cord ties (and found them) - that I finally though 'Oh yeah...lets see if we have a son or daughter!'...and sure enough, we had a son! And the name we have picked out for our might-be-son fit perfectly well as well. I was officially outnumbered! hehe
Oh - and he was tiny! Under 7lbs! All the girl dreams I have had so far they have been between 7-8lbs so 'average' in size.
Wonder what it means! hehe
Still not getting any deffinate boy or girl feelings for this baby - though I find myself constantly refering to my bump as a 'she'. So wonder if that means anything either?...hmmmm....

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