Saturday, 14 November 2009

Heart Monitors

Because I do not feel they are 100% safe (and studies have shown them not to be - but I realise this is a very touchy subject for a lot of people and sometimes the benefits can outweight the risk and of course there will always be some medically necessary situation...) I have decided to opt out of doppler use and ultrasound technology for this very precious pregnancy and baby.
However - that does not mean I miss out at all on the precious sounds within me!
When I was pregnant with my DS I had this device and I am happy to use it again! (it is also much cheaper than any doppler you can get! It only requires a bit of patience! hehe)...
It is the 'Summers Infant Prenatal Heart Monitor' - that is basically a microphone (unlike doppler and ultrasound, it emits no energy into me or my baby). I like to call it my 'pinnard with microphone'. But unlike a pinnard I can hook it up to the computer and record the precious sounds!!! Of course, like a pinnard, you can't hear much until about halfway through the pregnancy (despite I have been having a listen in since about 10 weeks! hehe). I did not hear my sons heartbeat until I was 20 weeks pregnant with him but it was very strong then and deffinate!

So you will be lucky to hear these precious shared moments throughout this blog from this point onwards. I am hoping to record kicks, hiccups as well as the precious heart beat!

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